Old News

6/3/00 Terry has just signed a multi-album deal with Silent Planet Records! Avocado Faultline will be the first release and should be out in stores on July 25. Read the press release.
6/3/00 The reported lineup for the DA show at Cornerstone '00 is: Terry, Greg, Tim, Ed, Phil Madeira (probably), and possibly some other guests.
5/13/00 When Worlds Collide - the DA tribute album is nearing completion and should also be available at Cornerstone (need I remind C-stone goers to save their pennies?)! More info can be found at the When Worlds Collide website.
5/13/00 Avocado Faultline - Terry's new solo album is headed for a Cornerstone '00 release date! If early reports are still correct, expect a more acoustic feel for this album. Jimmy Abegg (Vector, Ragamuffin Band) did the artwork for this album.
5/13/00 The Alarma Chronicles Book Set! Yes, it's a "book set" not a "box set". This extremely limited edition release will contain all four albums on three discs and will include a 150+ page book. The set will be made available at Cornerstone, but you can pre-order a copy at DanielAmos.com.
Although there will be no bonus tracks in the Book Set, there is a "companion" disc planned which will include demos, out-takes, and other bonus tracks.
5/13/00 Ruckus at the Edge of Nowhere - a live recording of the Terry Taylor & Friends show at Cornerstone '97 was just released by M8. M8 sold out of all of their copies just with pre-orders! However there are still copies out there. The just opened DanielAmos.com WebStore will have copies available soon and some on-line retailers such as ChristianDiscs.com still have copies. My sincere apologies on not mentioning this release earlier.
If you do miss this disc, don't worry too much. M8 will be recording the DA show at Cornerstone this year.
5/13/00 The Revelation has been re-re-released through M8. It's available from Stunt, M8, and other on-line retailers. It's a limited release so get it while you can.
5/13/00 Good grief. I've gotten behind. My apologies. I think I've been out of sync since a 2.5 week business trip..
In an attempt to make up for it, I've added the Rock & Religion Shotgun Angel Radio Special to the Multimedia Archive.
3/21/00 I will be posting news concerning Gene's passing on a separate page located here.
3/20/00 Tragic news: Gene "Eugene" Andrusco passed away in his sleep last night. Gene had been an integral part of the alternative Christian music scene with the bands with which he was a member and the numerous bands he was involved with. This is a great loss on so many levels.
Please keep Gene's family and friends in your prayers.
3/20/00 Believe it or not, Horrendous Disc is on cd! The disc features the 9 original songs from the US release as well as two "bonus" tracks - two versions of Larry Norman's cover of "Hound of Heaven". Yes, cover tunes done by Larry, not tunes done by DA. This disc is dubbed "The American Version" as "The European Version" is due out sometime later this year.
"The European Version" will contain "After All These Years" as well as more bonus tracks.
You can buy the disc directly from Larry Norman/Solid Rock or from ChristianDiscs.com.
3/8/00 Good news! HD cds have begun to show up in mailboxes!
Details to follow.
3/7/00 Another item of interest (I didn't see it the first time I looked at the schedule) in the Cornerstone music schedule is Cush playing Encore I at midnight on 7/6 - the same time slot that DA is playing! As Cush is a new band made up of Mike Knott, Any Prickett, Wayne Everett, and Eric Campuzzo (sp?), I think many a festgoer will have a difficult choice to make. Hopefully the Cornerstone folks will see that both bands would draw mostly the same audience and reschedule one of them.
3/5/00 Preachers From Outer Space has been re-released by M8. M8 will also be re-releasing The Revelation, The Alarma Chronicles Box Set, and a live disc of Terry at Cornerstone '97 titled Ruckus at the Edge of Nowhere.
3/4/00 According to the Larry Norman camp, they have the Horrendous Disc cds! They said, "We are now filling backorders as fast as possible, but it still may take us up to three weeks to get through all of them."
3/4/00 The Cornerstone website now has a music schedule posted. Some times of interest:
7/5 12:00am-2:00am Lost Dogs - Gallary@Night
7/6 7:40pm-8:30pm 77s - Main stage
7/6 12:00am-2:00am Daniel Amos - Gallary@Night
7/7 12:00am-1:30am Adam Again - Encore 1
7/8 2:45pm-3:25pm Phil Madeira - Acoustic Stage
7/8 12:00am-1:30am The Choir - Encore 1
(note that "12:00am" is midnight that night (i.e. Lost Dogs play the night of the 5th
2/27/00 A new poll has been added to the Poll Page! This poll has a question that is often asked but is usually hard to answer - so make sure you check it out!
Note though, that this poll is broken into two polls since there is a limit to ten possible answers to a poll - so only hit one of the "Vote" buttons.
2/16/00 The latest from Larry Norman: "Y2K disturbance and the typical Christmas gridlock has affected our distribution plans but now we have been promised delivery of the CDs either this weekend or next week. All of our orders are processed and ready to fly out of here. We have added on extra staff muscle to speed up the outgoing shipments."
1/29/00 HD cd update: Word has it that Solid Rock plans on shipping discs this next week.
1/29/00 If you haven't noticed - I've been doing some reorganization of some pages. Everything should still be here but may be in a different place. (Feel free to contact me if you see a link that doesn't work)
1/25/00 It looks like M8 will be re-re-releasing Preachers From Outer Space and The Revelation in March. They also claim to be releasing a box set of the Alarma Chronicles. However I'm still waiting on the official word from the Stunt folks as M8 is known to announce cds with which there is no agreement for them to release... [Why is it so hard to find an ethical business in the Christian music market?]
1/20/00 FYI: Although it was announced that Horrendous Disc has been released on cd - it appears that no one who has ordered the disc has received it. On top of that, checks have been cashed even though it appears discs have not been shipped. So, buyer beware. I will make a post when I get a disc in my hands.
1/8/00 It has been confirmed! Daniel Amos will be playing at Cornerstone 2000! For more info on Cornerstone - go to http://www.cornerstonefestival.com.
1/4/00 The Poll Page is working again! Go participate in some polls - fun for the whole family!
12/15/99 Horrendous Disc has been released on CD! No, this is not a misprint. The CD features the original tracks from the American release, a 'surprise bonus', and some new photos. It is only available through Solid Rock Records - and for a limited time only (due to a limited pressing). To order, send $18.98 + $2.00 shipping (in the US) to: Solid Rock Records, 3760 Market Street NE - PMB #306, Salem, Oregon 97301. For more information and/or other postage rates - check the Solid Rock newsletter.
12/6/99 Be watching MP3.com for some rough mixes from BibleLand as well as the self titled album and Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor!
12/3/99 Mark your calendars folks - the Lost Dogs will be at Cornerstone 2000!
12/3/99 Boombots, the latest Neverhood game featuring music by Mr. Taylor has been released!
11/30/99 Congratulations to Angela Smith - she won herself a prerelease copy of Gift Horse! If you didn't win - the full release is in stores now!
11/17/99 Didn't win the CD? Well here's another chance!
11/17/99 Congratulations to Thurman Allen II for winning the prerelease copy of Gift Horse!
11/6/99 Eager to get your hands on Gift Horse? Can't wait until the 30th? Go here for a chance to win a prerelease copy!
11/3/99 Horrendous Disc on CD? Check this out.
10/25/99 Reminder: On-line chat tonight!.
10/22/99 I just found out that The Word for Today has a three volume video set of the Jesus People Reunion concert at which DA played a 3 song set. It's available for $25 by calling 1-800-272-WORD in the states or 1-714-979-0706 elsewhere.
10/22/99 The Lost Dog's "Best of" disc has been delayed as well. According to the Stunt Records website, the track listing should be something like this: Scenic Routes, Angus Shane, Eleanor It's Raining Now, If It Be Your Will, Bullet Train, Cry Baby, Pray Where You Are, Amber Waves Goodbye, Up In The Morning, You Satisfy, Bad Indigestion, Jimmy, Built for Glory (live), Free at Last, Dunce Cap, Ready for Love to Win (unreleased), and Breathe Deep.
10/20/99 There will be an on-line chat on 10/25 at 7:00pm PST. Check the chat page for more details.
10/20/99 Sorry - the Gift Horse release date is 11/30, not 10/30. Thanks Mark!
10/16/99 From what I've been hearing from the Larry Norman camp - it sounds like Larry is seriously looking at releasing Horrendous Disc on CD next year. Keep your eyes crossed!
10/16/99 I knew it was too good to be true... The "firm" release date for Gift Horse has loosened up and the date is now 11/30. However, Happy Christmas Vol. 2 is now available.
10/12/99 Ed has recently joined a new band called The Class of 69. His wife describes them like this: "Great rock chops plus some amazing vocal harmonies: Eagles, Beatles, Cream, Marvin Gaye, even Moody Blues.." If you're in the southern California area check them out.
10/1/99 BEC now has a Lost Dogs bio up at becrecordings.com (follow the 'bands' link).
9/23/99 News nugget: according to Mike Roe, Terry wrote all of the tracks on the new Dogs album except for the cover (Farther Along).
9/21/99 I haven't received a tour schedule for the Dogs yet, but I can say they will be in Phoenix on 10/2/99 - go here for more info.
9/19/99 Song list for Gift Horse: Ghost Train / Loved and Forgiven / Diamonds to Coal / Honeysuckle Breeze / Wall of Heaven / Blessing In Disguise / Ditto / If You Love Here (You'd Be Home By Now) / Rebecca, Go Home / Farther Along
9/18/99 The last full issue of Vertigo is now on line! I had planned on getting the old DA newsletters from Tom Gullota of Stunt Records. However, he recently realized they are inaccessible. If anyone has copies of these newsletters and could make copies for me, please email me. You could make thousands of fans happy.
9/15/99 It looks like When Worlds Collide, the DA tribute album, is coming together nicely. Check out the website for it to see who's covering which songs, pictures, audio clips and more!
9/9/99 Added a couple links to Boombots previews to the videogames page.
9/1/99 So the Dogs won't be reusing a Guardian album title, but perhaps Guardian's covers of Stryper tunes has inspired the Dogs to do a cover of their own... To be released on BEC's Happy Christmas Vol. 2, the Dogs will be performing Chipmunk Christmas... Look for it in stores on 10/19/99.
9/1/99 Since there hasn't been a fan sponsored on-line chat event in a while, I decided to open the ADAHP Chat Lounge. For those with Java equipped browsers, chatting with fellow DA fans can be as easy as clicking a link. Enjoy.
8/11/99 Sounds like the Lost Dogs didn't want to be confused with Guardian, so they have changed the album title to Gift Horse.
8/6/99 Mark your calendars, kids! Get out the red marker and put "Buy new Lost Dogs album, Miracle Mile" in the square for the 2nd of November, 1999. Stay tuned...more later...
8/5/99 Dagnabit! Looks like I was wrong about the polls working. Sorry about that.
8/2/99 New news on the Mothman page!
8/2/99 It looks like the on-line polls are working again! So why not participate?  More fun than you can shake a stick at!
7/31/99 You can now search the pages of A Daniel Amos Home Page! Somewhere near the bottom of this page is a search box that will allow you to search for a certain song, your favorite color, etc. Enjoy!
7/27/99 We have a winner of the Glimpses of Grace cd! Go to the Terry page to find out who won!
7/25/99 Whew! I finally got issue 6 of Vertigo on-line! Enjoy...
7/20/99 Word has it that Terry wants to start working on a new DA album once the Lost Dogs album and the new solo album are done. Stay tuned for details.
7/19/99 The Cornerstone folks are now taking suggestions for bands to play at c2k (Cornerstone 2000). Maybe we can get DA back? You can go here to vote.
7/15/99 Added a small pic of a Mothman poster - go to the Mothman page to check it out..
7/15/99 The Lost Dogs are planning a 10 day tour in October - check out the press release for information on booking, etc.
7/14/99 Grr...I've run in to a few snags with the renovation. For those looking for the promised rotation of video clips...at least for now, visit The Big, Warm, Sweet Multimedia Archive.
6/25/99 Go to the Terry page to find out how you can win a copy of Glimpses of Grace!
6/18/99 Glimpses of Grace now has a place in the Terry solo album section. I don't have lyrics for all the songs yet, but I hope to resolve that next week. Remember, the album is in stores now so go pick up a copy before your local store closes (like what happened to me).
6/13/99 I have started some major renovation of these pages. My apologies if things don't work or don't look right during the next couple of weeks.
6/7/99 Added the Doppelganger Radio Special to the Doppelganger page.
6/6/99 I've started experimenting with video clips. Go to the C-stone '98 page for a sample!
5/25/99 Some updates to Terry's Page
5/25/99 The Lost Dogs have started on their new album with BEC! They hope to have the album out in October or November. Around that same time, the Dogs plan on doing a 10 day acoustic tour. More details when I hear them.
5/25/99 The on-line polls seem to be malfunctioning. I'll announce when they are working again.
5/24/99 New Poll on-line!
5/24/99 Added the Star Wars Trivia Page. (taken off-line 6/24/99)
5/14/99 The Word For Today, part of Calvary Chapel, has released The Revelation on CD! You can order it from them by calling 1-800-272-WORD. The price is $10 (Shipping is $4 for first class and $2 for third class per order). They have also released Maranatha! Volumes 1-4. Father's Arms is featured on volume 4.
5/9/99 Douglas TenNapel's new video game (due out in the fall), BoomBots, has a spiffy new website - http://www.boombots.com. I'll be updating Terry's video game page as I get details.
5/9/99 Added the Rock and Religion Horrendous Disc Radio Special to the Horrendous Disc page. Also added a link to the announcement list message archive for the Announcement List.
5/9/99 The Neverhood Soundtrack is available again. You can get a copy by sending $12 + $3.50 s/h to: Giovanni Audiori Catalog, PO Box 5, Wentzville, MO 63385-0005 (make checks payable to Eric Townsend). Stunt Records should have copies soon.
5/9/99 A DA Tribute album is in the works. Check out the Terryfied web page for details!.
4/14/99 Sorry this info is so late. For full details on the Jesus Music Reunion (of which DA will be a part of (for about a 15 minute set)), go to the official page at the Calvary Chapel site.
4/9/99 New Poll on-line!
4/8/99 Vertigo, Volume 2, Issue 5 - now on-line!
4/5/99 Help Wanted... I keep thinking this site needs a full overhaul, but until I have the time for such a thing, I'm looking for some smaller tasks to accomplish. If your a frequent visitor and have an idea or two about how to make this web site a bit spiffier, please email me to let me know. I'm open to redesigns, new features, etc. Thanks!
3/30/99 Well for the last so many months I've been plagued with sickness, computer problems, busy work schedules, and uncontrollable fits of laziness. I've had a lot I've wanted to add to this site but haven't had the time or the needed tools. But - I finally got something done! There's now another issue of Vertigo on-line. This time it's just a simple scan as the increasing complexities of each newsletter makes it take longer to properly convert to HTML. Maybe I should have done it this way to begin with. Who knows. Anyway, enjoy. I should be adding more shortly.
3/30/99 P.S. It's not totally clear if the Lost Dog's deal with BEC is in stone yet. Keep your legs crossed.
3/22/99 The Stunt news page has been updated! Summary: The Lost Dogs deal is with BEC Recordings - look for an album in the fall and possibly a tour! Glimpses of Grace - the new "best of" Terry solo album will contain "a couple of unreleased things and rarities." The Daniel Amos concert in Anaheim will only be about 15 minutes long. (Admission for the event is free, but parking is $7). Terry's about to do the soundtrack for the new Neverhood Playstation game. And the Skullmonkey's Soundtrack should be available in a month or so.
3/16/99 A TST solo album is just around the corner - check Terry's page for details...
3/16/99 A new DA related web site has been born - check out Memory Lane, done by those Giovanni Audiori guys....
3/10/99 Daniel Amos - In Concert! Calvary Chapel will be holding a Jesus Music Reunion at Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, CA on April 24, 1999. More details when I get them...
3/10/99 The Dogs found a home! Rumor from reliable sources say that the Lost Dogs are signing a three (3) album deal - and the first of the three should be out by fall! (Note: it will not be GRS II).
3/4/99 In need of a computer... My computer died around the beginning of January. If you have (or know someone who has) a spare Amiga 4000, please email me. Thanks.
3/4/99 New! Check out The Poll Page! The Poll Page will feature one question quick polls where you can participate and see how the rest of the DA community voted. Every few weeks I will add a new quick poll - so come back frequently to view results and to participate in new polls!
2/27/99 Added a credits page to give credit where credit is due - a growing list of those who have helped make A Daniel Amos Home Page possible.
2/17/99 Terry with a Dove Award? Could it be? Well, Surfonic Water Revival has been nominated for the Special Event Album of the Year award! in the 30th Annual Dove Awards. More details on the Surfonic page.
2/10/99 The Stunt News page has been updated - check it out!
2/10/99 Some more Reader's Choice surveys: The Lighthouse and Crosswalk. Let your typings be read!
1/20/99 I guess the cool thing for web sites these days is to have an interview with Terry! There's another one at The Phantom Tollbooth.
1/20/99 Give credit where credit is due - vote in CCM Magazine's 1999 Reader's Awards. (maybe vote for John Wayne?)
1/18/99 There's a new interview with Terry on-line at Ricochet music. The interview discusses everything from John Wayne to DA to the Eddies to the Lost Dogs...
1/18/99 I was hoping to add some new pictures and audio clips this last week, but I've been plagued with more computer problems. If you have sent me concert pictures, could you please send them to me again? Thanks and my apologies.
1/18/99 Added an entry on Terry's page mentioning Terry's involvement with Mike Roe's new album. Details will be posted there as I get them.
1/8/99 Thanks to all who entered the contest. Click here to see who won!
1/3/99 Well, the entries to the last contest were lost due to a hard drive failure, so the contest is being re-run this week. If you entered before, you'll have to enter again. Click here for a chance to win a John Wayne radio promo disc! PS Enter soon - the drawing will be held on January 8th!
1/3/99 PS Happy New Year!
12/14/98 How would you like a free CD for Christmas? Click here for details! PS Enter soon - the drawing will be held on December 18th!
12/1/98 Yea! We got to chat with Terry! Go to the chat page for the logs.
11/30/98 Well, folks, it looks like Terry is going to try to figure out how to use IRC and chat with us tonight! I will be constantly updating the chat page with all the info I can...
11/30/98 The chat organizer still has not heard back from Terry, so as of 12:56pm EST it sounds like Terry won't be there. However it sounds like there might be a couple DA fans hanging out to chat anyway. If you're interested, log on to a DALNet IRC server and join the #DADL channel at 6:00pm PST tonight.
11/24/98 There is a tentatively planned on-line chat with Terry at 5:00pm PST on November 30, 1998. I don't know any more details other than it might be held on IRC. When I know more I will post it here and update the chat page (be watching the "(updated...)" part at the end of the link above.
11/13/98 Added the rest of Doug TenNapel's Our Personal Favorite World Famous Hits artwork to the OPFWFH page.
11/7/98 Our Personal Favorite World Famous Hits is now in stores and is also in the Horrendous Discography.
10/16/98 I updated the FAQ page with the results of my most recent Family Bookstore query on what DA albums were still available for ordering. Interestingly, the cash register computer listed . . . Darn Floor - Big Bite. What does this mean? I do not know. I already had the cashier too confused to ask any more questions...
10/12/98 There's now a small pic of the cover of Our Personal Favorite World Famous Hits on the discography page.
10/3/98 A lot of changes to the Terry Page including all the solo albums and more...
10/3/98 Started the A Daniel Amos Home Page Announcement List. Click here to find out what it's all about.
9/29/98 Added Our Personal Favorite World Famous Hits to the discography page. Included is the latest press release with the supposedly accurate song list. (all further news updates (until the actual release) will be listed on the new page)
9/27/98 Added John Wayne to the Terry Page.
9/25/98 I received a new song list for Our Personal Favorite World Famous Hits. I'm not sure which one is right...
9/22/98 Now on-line: the press release for the new DA album Our Personal Favorite World Famous Hits.
9/22/98 The final winner of the Here Comes That Tidalwave! contest has been announced! Go to the Surfonic page to find out if it was you!
9/20/98 Added a pic of the Stunt booth at Cornerstone
9/16/98 Which version of Darn Floor do you have? Find out
9/1/98 Go to the Surfonic page for another chance to win a free CD! 
8/26/98 Pictures from the Cornerstone show are finally up! 
8/13/98 John Wayne is in stores now! Go buy a copy or four! 
8/11/98 A new Daniel Amos album? huh? what? Well, kind of new - Daniel Amos - Our Personal Favorite World Famous Hits is due out on KMG Records in October, believe it or not! From what I've heard there should be an unreleased bonus track or two (or more?) on it! That's all I know... 
8/11/98 Sorry it's taken so long to get the rest of the Cornerstone stuff up. I have finally recovered from my computer problems (I think), so it shouldn't be long. In the meantime, go to Terry's page - there are a few additions worth checking out. 
7/29/98 According to the Mike Stand web site, it sounds like there might be a Mike Stand/Terry Taylor project in the "near future"... 
7/24/98 The Cornerstone Web Site is taking suggestions for bands to play in '99 - let's see if we can get a 25th anniversary Daniel Amos concert! (yea, I know someone named the '97 show A Twenty Year Retrospective, but Terry mentioned last year about it being the 23rd year...)
7/24/98 Be watching the (updated) tag on the Cornerstone '98 link above to keep up with the updates. There's more to come! 
7/16/98 We have our first winner of Surfonic Water Revival! Is it you? Find out!
7/13/98 Tidbits from the Stunt News page: "We're also working on the first DA compilation from KMG. The working title is Daniel Amos-Our Personal Favorite World Famous Hits. There will be at least one unreleased track on it. Look for it in the Fall.", and "We hope to start recording a new DA record for Stunt sometime soon." So go send them lots of money so they can get these albums out! 
7/13/98 John Wayne (Terry's new solo album) is now available at the Stunt web site! Go pick up a copy or two and get Meat the FarmBeetles while you're at it! 
7/13/98 The CCM Magazine 20th Anniversary Radio Special featuring an interview with Terry is scheduled to re-air on Labor Day. If you miss that too, RealAudio of the program is supposed to end up on their web page. 
7/10/98 Thanks to all who took part in the survey! 
7/8/98 The July issue of CCM Magazine features DA in their Yesterday/Today column, plus DA got three spots in their Top 100 Albums, and there's a full page ad for the August 17th release of John Wayne
7/7/98 7 Ball magazine's articles on Terry and Surfonic are now online at www.7ball.com
7/6/98 Cornerstone '98 related stuffs will be found here
7/6/98 Cornerstone '98 served up two Terry & Friends shows, new cds, exciting news, and other cool stuff! Sadly, I don't know when I'll be able to put up the C-stone pages (there will be a lot of stuff - 3 roles of film, set lists, news, etc.). 
6/28/98 The Surf With Terry contest is now underway! Go to the Surfonic page to enter! 
6/26/98 Pay for Surf - the new DA tune!!  Go to the Surfonic page to hear it (and the new Dogs song - The Net)
6/26/98 The July/Aug issue of 7 Ball magazine has a two page article titled, Terry Taylor Rides a New Wave - talking about Surfonic Water Revival and John Wayne! If that's not enough, Surfonic is the cover story! 
6/25/98 Okay, the Surfonic page is slow in coming, but we do have the first opportunity to win a Surfonic CD! Click here
6/23/98 Coming soon! Check back tomorrow to find out how to win a copy of Surfonic Water Revival
6/18/98 Cornerstone '98 isn't too far away! Are you ready to see Terry & gang in action? If I hear any news on the show, I will place it on Terry's page
6/15/98 Now on-line - a mini-review and pictures of Terry & Friends' GMA '98 performance
6/4/98 Once again, the Stunt News page was updated with some great stuff! Check it out! 
6/4/98 Another urgent update! It looks like Terry will not be in Vancouver on Friday - details here
6/1/98 Urgent update! If you're interested in Terry's Vancouver, WA show - go to the Terry page
5/29/98 Added a pic of a Kalhöun advertisement to the Kalhöun page.
5/27/98 The Vertigo Update from Fall '90 is now up!
5/27/98 Attention radio listeners! Bruce Brown is working on the upcoming CCM Magazine 25th 20th anniversary radio show which should contain an interview with Terry (along with other interviews (such as Larry Norman and Randy Stonehill) and music). Keep your ears pealed (and email me if you hear anything).
5/22/98 Terry will be playing some tunes with Ric Altizer's band in an artist showcase for Provident Music in Portland, Oregon on June 5th. Watch Terry's page for the latest details.
5/21/98 Please take a minute to answer a short survey so I can better design these here web pages. Thanks!
5/15/98 Wow. 10,000 hits since August '96. (Too bad I didn't have a counter when I started this page in '95.) Thanks again to all who visit, have signed the guestbook, sent me email, etc.
5/12/98 It sounds like there will be a Skullmonkeys soundtrack. Watch Terry's video game page for the latest news
5/11/98 Added to the Links page - a page with some very interesting memorabilia from Cornerstone '87
5/8/98 Part of the lyrics to Sins of the Fathers were missing...now they're not.
5/7/98 The Stunt News page was updated with some great stuff! Check it out! I'll try to add a summary here somewhere sometime.
5/6/98 Added Browbeats and Surfonic Water Revival to Terry's page.
PS There's a new John Wayne song in Diamante's Jukebox.
4/28/98 Well, rumor has turned into an official announcement - Terry's Surfonic Water Revival album which he wrote and produced is due out June 21, featuring songs performed by The Supertones, All Star United, Every Day Life, Smalltown Poets, Plankeye, The Insyderz, Plumb, Silage, Adrian Beleu, Paul Johnson (The Bel Aires), Andy Prickett (The Prayer Chain), Phil Keaggy, Michael Roe, The Lost Dogs, Daniel Amos, "..plus many more surprises."
4/23/98 Issue 3 of Vertigo is now online! Also, I've reformatted issues 1 & 2 for your viewing pleasure...
4/23/98 Chat this Sunday at Yahoo!
4/20/98 Congratulations, Terry Taylor, on winning second favorite songwriter in The Lighthouse's '97 Reader Favorites Awards!
4/17/98 Everything I know about the Diamante Late Night Showcase can be found on Terry's page.
4/17/98 The Stunt News Page was updated yesterday!  Summary: Terry's GMA show will be an acoustic 20 minute set with Derri on guitar, Phil Madeira on accordion and lap steel, Steve Hindalong on percussion, and Chris Donohue (has played with VOL,Steve Taylor, others) on bass. In other news, Terry has an email address - terryorama@aol.com - Tom notes, "He's busy so don't bug him with the usual nincompoopery you send me. Just tell him you love him and want to bear his children."
Tom mentioned in the above Stunt news update how it would be nice if someone would tape Terry's GMA show and have some clips wind up on the internet - if you'll be there and can tape it - let me know.
4/13/98 John Wayne delayed! Well, kinda - the new release date is June 12 (,1998). Go to the Terry solo page for info and a picture!
4/7/98 A note about the Diamante Late Night Showcase: it is "officially" open only to GMA registrants. However, if there is still room after all the GMA registrants are in, TST fans will be allowed in. They don't foresee the place getting packed out with GMAers as both Tooth & Nail and Squint Entertainment are doing their late night things at the same time. So there is a remote possibility that the place could be full. I am told that "if some real Terry fans show up and it's getting full, I'll do everything I can to get you guys in." (Side note, Glenn Kaiser will be there.)
4/6/98 I just realized that the Stunt Records order form has expanded! You can now order Preachers, ĦAlarma!, Doppelgänger, Vox Humana, Knowledge & Innocence, as well as Ten Gallon Hat, The Neverhood Soundtrack, and Loam's debut CD
4/6/98 Since DA's tour schedule seems to average about .4822 concerts a year (this includes TST shows), I'd like to add more DA concert pics to these pages. If you have some pictures that'd you'd like to contribute, please email me (we can arrange snail mail, email, formats, etc). Thanks!
3/30/98 John Wayne to see the light of day? Well, we have a release date of June 3, 1998! Look for it on KMG Records, distributed by Diamante.
3/27/98 Terry & Friends have been confirmed to play Diamante's GMA Late Night Showcase! There will be between 8 & 10 artists playing that night with Terry about in the middle. The show starts at 9pm on April 21 at the Ace of Clubs, 144 2nd St. South, Nashville, TN 37201  (615)244-LUNA. (Derri is a possible 'friend', we don't know who else will be with him.)
3/25/98 Attention GMAers! Terry might be performing at Diamante's GMA Late Night Showcase on Tuesday, April 21 in Nashville at the Ace of Clubs. I'll post the final word when I get it.
3/24/98 I lost some email from the first half of this month - if you wrote me, please send it again. Thanks.
3/23/98 Vertigo Issue 2 now online (here) (remember: widen your browser).
3/18/98 Thanks to Gary McCoy, we now have an interview with Terry about Doppelganger. The link is on the Doppelganger page.
3/18/98 According to the Cornerstone web site (which now lists band/stage schedules), Terry is scheduled to play Encore 1 Thursday (7/2) at midnight.
3/11/98 News from the Larry Norman camp: Larry plans to release a 25 year anniversary box set containing all the Solid Rock albums . . . including Horrendous Disc! . . . but, the scheduled date is in 2000...
3/4/98 A Christian bookstore worker has spotted an order sheet listing John Wayne and Let's Spin/Outdoor Elvis! It looks like Terry's long-awaited solo album (John Wayne) will be released shortly on KMG records! Let's Spin/Outdoor Elvis was/were listed in the PriceSavers column for the price of $12.99. I'm still waiting for release dates...
2/22/98 Reminder: Chat tonight!
2/19/98 Terry has been nominated for Best Songwriter of '97 in The Lighthouse Electric Magazine's Reader's Favorites Awards - Go here to place your vote!
2/16/98 Now on-line - the first issue of Vertigo (the DA/Eddies newsletter)! Granted the first issue only deals with the Eddies, and this is a DA page, but since later issue deal with DA more, I decided to start at the beginning (sounded like a good place to start). I've tried to make an exact replica of the real thing - so it still has problems with some browsers...sorry...widen your browser.
2/6/98 Lyrics to BibleLand and Songs of the Heart are now up.  (thanks Landen!)
1/26/98 Reminder: Chat tonight!
1/26/98 I made some minor Discography updates/changes -- including lyrics to As The World Turns (thanks Randy!).
1/23/98 Mothman - read all about it (er, a little bit about it) on the Terry Taylor page!
1/21/98 It has been confirmed that Terry will be performing at Cornerstone '98! Wednesday night, July 1, Terry and some band (not sure who (DA? Eddies? Sprinkler Head?) yet) will get a midnight Gallery stage - so Terry & gang can play until the Thursday afternoon bands take the stage!
1/19/98 Added a Re-issue status page. As I hear/find news about FMG/KMG re-releases, the Revelation release, etc...I will put it here.
1/13/98 More news than you can shake a stick at! We now have news the Calvary Chapel will be releasing The Revelation on CD! Look for it at the end of February! Also, the Stunt Records home page is back!!
1/12/98 The KMG re-releases are scheduled to start in March. No word yet when anything DA will be released.
1/12/98 The DADL is switching servers (again)...please read the DADL Info page.
12/30/97 Since there is still no sign of what happened to the Stunt page, I put up the last version of the Stunt News Page. I'm doing this without permission, so watch out if Terry sues me and this site disappears too.
12/30/97 The DADL info page has been (almost) completely rewritten. Please read it.
12/18/97 The Stunt page has disappeared. If you know any details, please email me.
12/16/97 The Revelation has finally been added to the discography page.
12/10/97 Reminder: Chat tonight!
12/8/97 DADL digests are now available.
12/3/97 A new DA album!!! According to Stunt, Terry hopes to start on a new DA album early '98!! Also, there's a possibility for an ĦAlarma! Chronicles boxed set!
12/3/97 The Stunt News page has been updated! It has news about Terry's involvement with the KMG re-releases, other Terry projects, Stunt status and more! Check The Terry Taylor Page for more info (including info on a possible Phil Madeira/Terry Taylor/Derri Daugherty/John Hartly tour/songwriter's seminar).
11/24/97 Reminder: Chat tonight!
11/24/97 The Cornerstone '98 web page is asking for your top 5 band choices for '98. Let's get DA back! Email them your picks.
11/22/97 All the lyrics to Shotgun Angel and MotorCycle are now up.
11/19/97 I've had the Kalhöun liner notes lying around waiting to be spruced up....that'll come later I guess. Here they are.
11/14/97 If your on the DADL, please read the latest info.
11/6/97 CD re-issues! Back in July Frontline Records did a survey of possible CD reissues It looks like the response of DA fans got their attention! According to CCM Magazine Update, Frontline has just been purchased by the Killen Music Group (KMG), and Frontline will be revived from its current dormant state. Says KMG Executive Vice President Kent Songer, "We've talked to retailers who tell us customers are asking for these old titles, like Daniel Amos, Jon Gibson, Altar Boys and Deliverance, that have been foundational in progressive Christian music." They plan to release 250 catalog titles in groups of fours and fives over the next 16 months. Will tell you more when I hear it!  (Thanks to Craig Henry for this info!)
11/3/97 Attack of the Webmasters! Oh, no I'm swooning... You may now see the GeoGuide on a few pages here. I've resisted the temptations to allow advertising on these pages since the beginning. But now GeoCities has started a new "feature" which will throw up an ad page before loading the real page. Since that is tackier than a little ad on the page, I have joined the GeoGuide program. My deepest apologies.
10/28/97 5,000 hits! There's been 5,000 hits on this page since 8/10/96! Too bad I didn't have a counter when I started the page in '95... Anyway, I'd like to thank everyone who has visited, signed the guestbook, sent me email, etc. I really do enjoy working on these pages and will continue to work on them as long as I am able to. Enjoy!
10/22/97 More RealAudio! Find your way to the Kalhoun page and enjoy!
10/22/97 Chat sessions are getting bigger and better (and earlier (yea!))! Check the Chat Schedule for the next session!
10/21/97 Tonight! Online DA/TST chat! Tonight (10/21/97) at Yahoo! Chat, there will be live discussion on our favorite subject: Daniel Amos. Click here for details.
10/21/97 Important! The Daniel Amos Discussion List Mark II (DADL2) is now officially active. True, it's been active for a while, but it's now official, and that's all the matters.
10/19/97 DAFAQ! Yes, The Daniel Amos Frequently asked Questions page! I answered the questions to the best of my ability, please email me corrections.
10/19/97 The Lost Pictures! There are now even more pictures of the famous Terry & Pat journey!
10/13/97 Added a RealAudio clip of The Glory Road from Terry's Cornerstone show.
9/22/97 More SkullMonkeys news on the Terry Taylor Page!
9/4/97 Added information on the Daniel Amos Discussion List (link above). If you are currently on the DADL, please read this!
9/3/97 All your questions can be answered! Well, some of them...maybe. Be a part of a Daniel Amos interview/survey by sending in your questions! Go here for more info.
8/31/97 The Terry Taylor Page is up. I will some day have a page for each member (of DA), and due to his recent activity in the computer gaming industry, Mr. Terry Taylor gets to have his page go up first.
8/18/97 Updated the 700 Club page with news from Roy.
8/4/97 After scanning, and re-scanning, my pics of the Cornerstone '97 show are finally up! They're here.
7/?/97 There's a new entrance to A Daniel Amos Home Page - it's at the root of my Geocities account (as opposed to dahome.html). Check it out! (and listen if your browser supports WAVs!
7/19/97 Go on a journey with Terry Taylor and Pat Robertson!
7/18/97 Terry Taylor on the 700 Club! Go here to find out more!
7/17/97 Frontline Music Group is considering re-issuing Fearful Symmetry and Darn Floor (and Eddies discs) - visit here for info and email them your requests!
7/14/97 The beginning of my C-stone '97 ramblings are here.
7/13/97 Suck. I just spent the last few hours wasting time. I was using some (yes more than one) HTML editors (demos) and due to stupid demo-limitations I lost 98% of what I did. Suck. I here declare this week (7/13 - 7/20) National Work on A Daniel Amos Home Page Week. It may be silly to say "National" when It's only me, but I'm hoping the title will somehow motivate me. So for now, read the lyrics to Shotgun Angel which I forgot to put on the server with the info page.
6/1/97 MotorCycle tracks has been added to the discography page. For those who are unfamiliar with it - it's mostly a radio promo disc with four songs from the album, interviews, four cool "bonus tracks" and some liners.
5/20/97 News from the Stunt page concerning the Cornerstone show - "Terry has put together a semi, quasi, sorta-new band and will be performing on Sunday night, July 6th. The band consists of Ed & Tim on bass and drums, ex-Prayer Chainer Andy Prickett on guitar, and some special surprise guests." Check their News page for more info.
5/19/97 Starting June 6, A Daniel Amos Home Page will attempt to host all sorts of goodies in preparation for the Twenty Year Retrospect. Stop by often to see what's going on.
5/19/97 Real Audio! I added a Real Audio clip of When Everyone Wore Hats from Songs of the Heart. It may not be the best quality recording, but it takes A Daniel Amos Home Page to a higher level - multimedia!...Kalhoun!
5/19/97 Added lyrics to Shotgun Angel, and track lists for: Live Bootleg '82, Preachers From Outer Space, BibleLand, and Songs of the Heart.
5/14/97 After a dry spell of whateverness, I have started back at working on these pages. Hopefully by next week there will be a lot of new "stuff" here!
3/02/97 A Twenty Year Retrospect is the name for the performance by "Terry Taylor and Friends" at Cornerstone '97. According to Cornerstone officials, Terry is "assembling as many members of all previous bands" for this show. I'll post more as I hear it.
2/16/97 Complete lyrics to Kalhoun and partial lyrics to Motor Cycle added.
2/10/97 My kshafer@css.tayloru.edu account will soon be no more. All mail should go to egnix@geocities.com. Thanks again to all whole have written me. It helps make my efforts a little more worth while.
2/5/97 Help!My hard drive died and lost all mail ever sent to me concerning my DA pages. They meant so much to me! If you have ever dropped me a line, please pretend you never did...and drop me another one (especially if you had a question, favor, etc. never answered).
2/3/97 Added the Alarma Radio Special! The full text to Bruce Brown's interview with Terry Taylor on the topic of the release of ĦAlarma!.
2/3/97 I corrected my caption on the first pic in Main Stage, Cornerstone 1993. Sharon McCall pointed out the mistake. I guess I was thinking one thing and typed another. My apologies.
2/2/97 Complete lyrics to Darn Floor - Big Bite have been added.
1/26/97 The Stunt home page has had a couple additions. Of particular interest is the Order page where you can order all the currently available DA albums.
1/26/97 Complete lyrics to Fearful Symmetry have been added.
1/9/97 (Almost) Complete lyrics to Horrendous Disc and Vox Humana have been added. Thanks Jason T.!
12/30/96 Complete lyrics to ĦAlarma! and Doppelgänger have been added. Thanks Jason T.!
11/23/96 Complete lyrics to Daniel Amos have been added. Thanks Jason T.!
11/8/96 Big news! A friend of mine talked with Terry on the last Dogs tour, and he (Terry) said there is a possibility of an upcoming DA tour! I know nothing more than that, but when/if I do find out more I will post it here.
11/8/96 Fearful Symmetry, Darn Floor - Big Bite, Kalhoun, and Motor Cycle infos updated.
11/2/96 ĦAlarma!, Doppelgänger, and Vox Humana album infos updated.
11/1/96 Photos! I just scanned in my C-stone '93 pics...see link above.
10/19/96 Started filling in album info on each album. See the discography for Daniel Amos and ĦAlarma!.
9/7/96 Added live albums to the discography.
8/23/96 Added a pic from a Horrendous Disc 8-track...it wasn't in the best condition, but it's better than nothing! (I think a better one is on the way)
8/17/96 Added the pics of all the albums (except Horrendous Disc...) to their links in the Horrendous Discography.
8/10/96 Installed (this)/a counter (which takes forever to load) - (counter moved) - from the nice people at Web Counter.
8/10/96 Created a "guestbook" - please feel free to write anything concerning DA - I'd especially like to hear, ER, read about how you were first introduced to them...or some other story (DA related) you think is cool. Please sign in: The Daniel Amos Guest Book
8/10/96 First of all, thank you for visiting my pages at they new location. Hopefully I'll be able to spend more (a lot more) time into them. Be patient, though. I first try to put content in, then quality. So I'll spice things up once I know I like it. I am limited on disk space so I'll probably go a little light on graphics/etc. Speaking of graphics, I'm now scannerless, so if you know of some cool picture I should have here and can scan it, let me know. Actually, if there's anything you'd like to see, please tell me.

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