Terry was once again invited back to Cornerstone this year, so I climbed aboard the Daniel Amos Enterprises Lear jet to get the scoop on everything that went on and to bring back to you whatever souveniers I could find. Okay, there wasn't a lear jet...at least I wasn't on it if there was one...not that I would know if there was one...which I wouldn't.... Anyway, enjoy...

Fest Summary
Sound Check
Encore I
Set List
Press Conference

New!  Watch part of the show with RealPlayer G2!  I'm only experimenting with RealVideo, but I thought you folks might enjoy the results of my tests.  So click here to experience Terry & Friends in concert!  Thanks to A. Cheesehead in the Endzone for the footage!

Also you can visit Curt Borders' Terry & Friends '98 page and Giovanni Audiori's Cornerstone page!
There are also a few pics at www.christianrock.net, and there's a RealAudio clip at  The The Fishbowl.

P.S. Do you have pictures (or maybe audio) of the show you'd like to share with fellow fans? If so, please email me.

Daniel Amos in Concert

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