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Terry's relationship with The Neverhood's Douglas TenNapel takes Terry to yet a another new frontier: feature film scores. Terry is working on (well, probably completed by now) the music to a new independent feature film entitled Mothman.

Mothman News (updated 8/25/99)
There was a special sneak preview of the film at the San Diego Comic-Con which was held on August 12, 1999. Reportedly, over 100 people got to see the "rough cut" of the movie. Doug mentioned they are finishing post-production, but there still is not world on distribution. Watch this page and/or the Mothman site for updates.

Mothman Links

My mini-interview with Jay Holben, the cinematographer of Mothman.
The West Virginia State Governor welcomes the Mothman film crew.
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MothmanThe Movie web site!
Jay Holben's Mothman page
New! - Comic-Con website

* Graphic stolen from the Mothman web site

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