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Terry Meets the Mothman

A mini-interview with Jay Holben, the cinematographer for the new feature film, Mothman.
by Kevin Shafer, 1/22/98

KS: What can you say about the film? (genre, plot, etc.)
JH: The film is definately in an independent genre, a melding of drama, science fiction, comedy and horror. The plot centers around an urban legend from West Virginia called the Mothman (check out http://tenthmuse.com/paranormal/mm.html). The film centers around a modern day sighting and the dark secrets that surround the creature. Shot on location in Orange County, La Habra, Fullerton and the town of Point Pleasant West Virginia. The film is Directed by Douglas TenNapel, his first feature effort and produced by Mark Russell & Jay Holben, executive produced by Martin Cohen (of DreamWorks SKG). Shot on 35mm in fifteen days throughout the month of December 1997.
KS: How did Terry Taylor get involved?
JH: Since Terry has been involved with Doug TenNapel on several other projects with wonderful success, he was a natural selection to provide the score for Mothman.
KS: To what extent is/will Terry be involved?
JH: Terry will be composing and conducting as well as performing the complete motion picture score.
KS: Is there a projected release date?
JH: There is no specific date selected as of yet, but we hope to complete post-production by the summer of 98.
KS: Where will someone be able to find the film?
JH: There is no distributor attached to the project yet, so this will remain to be seen. At the very least, copies will be available for purchase over the web.
JH: On a side note, I'm very excited to hear Terry's efforts on the film. As you can imagine from Doug's previous projects, Mothman has quite a unique quirk to it and Terry's unique brand of music is an absolutely perfect match.

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