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The Neverhood

(description to come)
The soundtrack is available though the Giovanni Audiori Catalog - for more info, contact eric@danielamos.com. Visit the Neverhood web page at www.neverhood.com.


Apparently, Doug was quite pleased with Terry's work on The Neverhood because he asked him to do the music for the second Neverhood game, SkullMonkeys. In describing this new game for the Sony Playstation, Doug told Next Generation magazine, "Skullmonkeys is a butt-bouncing, old-fashioned platform game." At risk of copyright infringement, here is the exact paragraph from July 1997 Next Generation magazine concerning Terry's involvement in Skullmonkeys:
For the audio of Skullmonkeys, the team is planning plenty of dialogue and has brought back the music of Terry Taylor, who recorded the strange drunken blues in The Neverhood. For Skullmonkeys, TenNapel told Taylor to take it to the next level. "And he's coming up with this Hawaiian shit, like Don Ho. And we're like 'Go! Go!' because it's so stupid and so nongaming that we have to embrace it."
When asked if there will be a separate SkullMonkeys soundtrack cd, TenNapel said, "I hope so."
During development of the game, TenNapel had this to say:
Skullmonkeys looks great! The game is shaping up to have more like 120 levels instead of just 100. I also just got the green light from our programmer to go over my 12 minute limit for movies. Terry Taylor and I are designing a SECRET movie. One that has been shaping up to be the funniest thing Iíve ever done..
The game was released in March, '98...go buy it.

SkullMonkeys News

5/9/99 - The release of the SkullMonkeys soundtrack is "just around the corner"!


Terry did the music for the newest Neverhood creation - a 3-D action game for the Sony Playstation titled BoomBots. The game is out now! Go buy it!!
Check out the website - http://www.boombots.com.
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