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Knowledge & Innocence


Shadow Records

Terry Scott Taylor: Lead & background vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, reprise & incidental arrangements
Rob Watson: Keyboards, synthesizers, guitars, b.g.v.'s, bass, percussion
Randy Stonehill: Duet vocal & acoustic guitar on "Song of Innocence"
Greg Flesch: Nylon string guitar on "Picture of You" & "Waiting (reprise)", electric guitar on "Gospel Medley" & "Here He Comes, Second Time"
Tim Chandler: Bass guitar on "Gospel Medley", electric guitar on "Here He Comes, Second Time"
Lenny Wagonmaster: Guitar on "Dancing On Light"
Alex MacDougal: Percussion on "Picture Of You"
Ed Mc Taggart: Drums on "Wild Wood"
Terl Bryant: Drums on "Ever After", percussion on "Dancing On Light", Here He Comes, Second Time, "Gospel Medley", shopkeeper

Dancing On Light
(out of) The Wild Wood
Here He Comes, Second Time
Picture of You
Song of Innocence
Old Time Gospel Camp Meeting Hour
Picture Of You (reprise)
Ever After
Home Movies
(a. Christmas 1980)
(b. Knowledge & Innocence)
One More Time
Baby's Heartbeat (6 Months)
Light Princess
Waiting (reprise)

Liner Note: The Dream

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