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Glimpses of Grace


KMG Records

The Players (for the most part):
Guitars: Terry Taylor, Greg Flesch, Mike Roe, Derri Daugherty, Andy Prickett
Bass: The Great Tim Chandler, Rob Watson
Keys: Rob Watson, Greg Flesch, Gene Eugene, Phil Madeira (and lap steel)
Drums: Ed McTaggart, Steve Hindalong, Terl Bryant
Percussion: Alex MacDougal, Burleigh Drummond
Cello: Rik Rekedal
BGVs: Terry Taylor, Rob Watson, Jerry Chamberlain, Tom Howard, Bob Bennett, Beau MacDougal, Chuck Girard, Tommy Coomes, Jay Truax, Crystal Lewis, Frank Lee Drennen

will have to do for now
chicken crosses the road
song of innocence
ever after
mr. flutter
ten gallon hat
(out of) the wild wood
glorious dregs
into the deep
a briefing for the ascent
one more time

beyond the wall of sleep
light princess
wood between the worlds
with the tired eyes of faith
you lay down

(+ untitled secret hidden bonus track)

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