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Silent Planet Records

Terry Scott Taylor: acoustic guitar, lead and harmony vocals
Steve Hindalong bongos, bells, all manner of percussion, snare drum, bass drum and cymbals. Also backing vocals on "Pie Hole".
Phil Madeira: bass, electric guitars, mando-guitar, drum and sample loops, chimes, mellotron/chamberlin strings and flutes, organ, synth, accordion, pedal steel. Also harmony vocals on "Olvera Street" and backing vocals on "Pie Hole".
Jimmy Abegg: acoustic guitars on "Olvera Street" and "Capistrano Beach"
Marc Byrd: backing vocals on "Pie Hole"
Derri Daugherty: vocals and guitar on "Pretend I'm Elvis"
Chris Donohue: 12-string guitar on "Built Her a Cloud"
Burleigh Drummond: drums on "Pretend I'm Elvis"
Gene Eugene: vocals on "Pretend I'm Elvis"
Greg Kellogg: Pedal steel on "Pretend I'm Elvis"
Dennis Holt: drums on "Kind Word"
Christer Jannson: drums on "Cowboys with Engines", "Olvera Street", and "Angels Must Smile Like That"
Riki Michele: backing vocals on "Pie Hole", harmony vocals on "Kind Word"
Charlie Morgan: drums on "Built Her a Cloud"
Mike Roe: lead guitar and bass on "Pretend I'm Elvis"

Cowboys With Engines
Startin' Monday
Capistrano Beach
Pie Hole
The Afternoon
Built Her a Cloud
Angels Must Smile Like That
With What I Should Have Said
Pretend I'm Elvis (For Just One Night)
Papa Danced On Olvera Street
Kind Word

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