Preachers From Outer Space Cover

Preachers From Outer Space


Stunt Records

Shotgun Angel
Happily Married Man
Salvation Wings
Hound Of Heaven
Secret Scripts & 3D Glasses
Horrendous Disc
Posse In The Sky
Secret Scripts & 3D Glasses
(alternate version)
Mary Baker Eddy
(alternate version)
I Love You #19
You Always Run Away From Love
As Long As I Live
I Get Around
Terry Taylor: vocals, guitar
Jerry Chamberlain: guitar, vocals
Mark Cook: keyboards, vocals
Marty Dieckmeyer: bass
Ed McTaggart: drums
with Dom Franco: steel guitar (tracks 1-8)
& Alex MacDougal: drums, percussion (tracks 9-14)

The Horrendous Discography

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