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Updated 11/1/00
Terry Taylor
vocals, guitar
Jerry Chamberlain
Greg Flesch
Tim Chandler

bass, trombone
Ed McTaggart



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News (about DA or these pages)

8/4/01 Lyrics to Mr. Buechner's Dream now up. (lyrics to hidden track and web-exclusive song to come)

The dream comes true! Mr. Buechner's Dream is finding it's way into the mailboxes of those who pre-ordered the disc! If you didn't pre-order it, don't worry - you can order it online at DanielAmos.com. The disc should also be in stores in September.
If you can't get enough of MBD, be watching for the "Making of..." video to surface shortly!
(MBD also added to the Horrendous Discography)

7/30/01 A Little Grace, Mr. Buechner's Dream, Over Her Shoulder, and Nowhere is Someplace now at MP3.com! Special note: Nowhere is Someplace is a web exclusive - it's not on the disc!
6/12/01 Sad news: Terry's father passed away last Tuesday (6/5). Click here to read what Terry had to say.

The details of the 25th Anniversary Edition of Shotgun Angel appear to be finalized. Disc 1 will contain all the original songs (in order) plus three live, previously unreleased songs, Jonah & the Whale, Takes A Heartache, and Farther Along. Disc 2 will contain Terry & Jerry's comments on the album.
Also to be released is a a very limited edition disc of The Rock & Religion Shotgun Angel radio show. Only 200 discs will be made.
Both are being released by M8 (click here for some more details).

6/12/01 Ribbons and Bows, She's a Hard Drink, and Beautiful Martyr now at MP3.com.
5/29/01 And they keep coming in! Your Long Year, Ordinary Extraordinary Day, and Joel now at MP3.com.
5/20/01 Who's Who Here - now at MP3.com.
5/14/01 Steal Away, another MBD track, now up at MP3.com (incorrectly labeled as Sail Away)!
5/12/01 DA is rocking the charts at MP3.com! There are now two tracks from Mr. Buechner's Dream, all of Shotgun Angel, and more!
4/29/01 When Everyone Wore Hats - a new bookset containing re-recorded acoustic versions of Songs of the Heart songs plus some new songs - is reported as being due out June 26! Also due out on the same date is a double disc 25th anniversary edition of Shotgun Angel!
4/28/01 Listen to a new tune from Mr. Buechner's Dream! Author of the Story can be heard at the DA page @ MP3.com!
4/22/01 Other DA, TST, and Lost Dogs tour info: the best way to keep current on tour info is watching the main page at DanielAmos.com.
4/22/01 The Heros Of Modern Rock Event at GMA week (this next week) will feature Terry Taylor with Phil Madeira, The Lost Dogs, The Choir, The 77s, and Riki Michele. The show is at Gibson's Cafe Milano in Nashville, TN on Tuesday April 24th - 9pm. It is a closed event, but it looks like there are still tickets available from TheChoir.net on their Own Music page.
4/22/01 Album update: The new DA album, which has been titled Mr. Buechner's Dream, is done! If you're thinking, "It's about time!", well you're in for a treat - the new album will actually come as a two cd set packed with 33 songs! Eric Campuzano (of Prayer Chain & Cush) describes it as "pretty stinkin amazing." The album is due out July 4 on Dan Michaels' Galaxy21 Music label. Read more about it in the press release.
4/22/01 Corrected/added track listing for Alarma Chronicles Book Set.
3/8/01 Updated the DADL info page.
1/15/01 DA to do a festival tour this year! The boys will be a part of "The Legends Tour" with the 77s, Randy Stonehill, and the Sweet Comfort Band! The tour will find it's way to the following festivals: One Festival (Memphis, TN), Cornerstone (Bushnell, IL), Creation East & West (Mt. Union, PA & George, WA), and Kingdom Bound (Williamsville, NY). More details to follow.
1/15/01 Updated the Horrendous Discography with the Alarma book set and When Worlds Collide.
11/1/00 Reminder: The Pretend I'm Elvis Tour starts tomorrow! The tour schedule is listed on the Terry Page and there is more information at DanielAmos.com.
10/21/00 New poll added! Woohoo!
10/21/00 The Cornerstone 2000 Gene Eugene / Adam Again Tribute will also be released on 10/25. This three disc set includes the Cornerstone '00 tribute show along with the Cornerstone '97 & '95 shows.
10/21/00 DA: Live at Cornerstone 2000 is scheduled to be released this coming Wednesday 10/25! This two disc set will be available from DanielAmos.com, directly from M8, and hopefully your favorite online or local retailer. The track listing looks like this: Ghost of the Heart; Hell Oh; Prayer Wheel; I Didn't Build it For Me; If You Want To; Can't Take My Eyes Off of You; Tracking the Amorous Man; Alarma!; Grace is the Smell of Rain; Glory Road; Virgin Falls; Walls of Doubt; Broken Ladders to Glory; Zoom Daddy; The Twist; CoCo the Talking Guitar (incomplete); Safety Net; Arthur Fhardi's Yodeling Party; Theo's Logic; Big, Warm, Sweet, Interior Glowing; Big Guns; I'll Get Over It; Sanctuary; I Love You #19 (audience band); Shape of Air; Through The Speakers.
10/14/00 Lost Dogs news: "A Vegas Story" and "Rebecca Go Home" will be featured on Starbucks' in-store music loop during the entire month of November!
10/14/00 Koghead and Meatus! Douglas TenNapel is working on a short animated film with this title and will have his pal Terry Taylor doing the music. Check out the website - www.KogheadAndMeatus.com.
8/20/00 A new DA album? Could our 5 year wait be over? Well, all most... Terry, Greg, Tim and Ed have started on a new album! This is no joke...a new DA album...due out "on or before" July 1, 2001. Although this is great news, they can't do it without our help. They are taking pre-orders for the new album to help fund the project. There will be 300 units available for pre-order and as a way for the band to say "thank you", these pre-order discs will be numbered and signed by the band! Read the full press release (which also announces Imaginarium, the go to DanielAmos.com to order your copy!
8/20/00 Imaginarium is on it's way! 11/1/00 will give us a two disc set containing the soundtracks to The Neverhood, SkullMonkeys, and BoomBots. DanielAmos.com is taking pre-orders - get yours while you can!
8/20/00 Check the Terry Page for the "Pretend I'm Elvis" tour dates!
7/23/00 The Big, Warm, Sweet Multimedia Archive now has the Shotgun Angel, Horrendous Disc, and Doppelgänger Radio Specials. There are also additional versions of the videos for faster net connections.
7/23/00 The Neverland Ballroom is the chosen name for a gothic/industrial club night at this year's TomFest. And yes, you know where the name came from... Interestingly a goth hang-out tent will be called "The Vertigo"Another name inspired by DA?
7/23/00 My apologies if you're waiting on the c2k scoop. I had major camera malfunctions at the fest so I'm waiting on pictures from a friend. Oh, and by the way...if you're wondering where the links went to - they're still all there...
7/16/00 Avocado Faultline is now available from Silent Planet Records and should be in stores by the end of the month! I hope to have lyrics up by then too.
7/16/00 DA rocked Cornerstone! Boy, what a show! I'll be posting full details and pictures soon. Until then check out the set list from the show!
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