On Friday, August 18, 2000, will begin to accept pre-
orders on Terry Scott Taylor's double disc "Imaginarium." In an
effort to discern demand for the initial pressing of the project,
Warm & Filled Artist Management, and Terry Taylor have
agreed to allow pre-sales of the release. The price of the project
is twenty dollars ($20.00) and will initially be available
exclusively through Stunt Records ( and

"Imaginarium" will feature the original video game soundtracks scored
by Terry Taylor for "The Neverhood," "Boombots," and "Skullmonkeys."
The scores, which won several video gaming awards, have never before
been available as a compilation. Aside from the "Neverhood" songs,
the material has previously been available only in video game
format. The completed project will necessitate two full discs of

Original artwork will be provided by Doug TenNapel (The Neverhood,
Truck) and layout will be finalized by Brian Heydn (Alarma!
Chronicles, EP, 88). An official release date of November 1, 2000
has been scheduled and the project will be available on
Terry's "Pretend I'm Elvis" tour. Pre-sales will be filled prior to
the start of the tour and ahead of store purchases once the recording
is stocked.

Additionally, Daniel Amos will head to the recording studio this fall
and winter to record their first album of new material in over 5
years! A recording schedule has recently been finalized and the band
that won't go away will release it's newest studio effort on or
before July 1, 2001. Terry Taylor, Ed McTaggert, Tim Chandler and
Greg Flesch are presently writing and demo-ing material for inclusion
on the project. All involved are very excited about writing,
recording and playing live. The recording will be released on Stunt
Records and will be distributed by an established major Christian
distributor. While will be the first to sell the
disc, wide distribution is expected and most CBA affiliated stores
and outlets will stock the release. Regular progress and
informational updates will be available on our websites and an
internet chat with DA is now being planned.

For the purpose of assisting with the financing of this project, we
are pleased to announce a very limited edition pre-sale of the disc.
For a limited time, we will offer for pre-sale only 300 units of this
historic release (Stunt Records' first full length studio DA
project). All 300 units will be hand numbered by Terry Taylor;
signed by Terry, Ed, Tim and Greg; and personally addressed by the
band to you, thanking you for your contribution to and support of
this effort. Only 300 will ever be made available and it is strictly
on a first-come, first-served basis. The limited, numbered projects
will be made available, in order, as pre-sales are placed; e.g. if
you are the first to order, you get No. 1, etc. This very special
pre-sale sells for thirty dollars ($30.00). Pre-sales will be cared
for and sent prior to general availability of the project through
either or traditional outlets. Pre-sales will begin
on Friday, August 18, 2000. Once the special units are gone, they
are gone for good! Reserve your copy ASAP!

As always, if you have any questions regarding either of these
projects, what's new with Terry Taylor or Daniel Amos, booking,
management or distribution, please visit or contact

Jonathan T. Feavel (JT),
Warm & Filled Artist Management,
207 South 4th Street,
Vincennes, IN 47591.

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