In no particular order, I would like to thank the following people/companies/services/etc. for their contribution/support/etc. for A Daniel Amos Home Page:

Jason & Eric Townsend - provided typed lyrics to a bulk of the albums, The Alarma Radio Special transcript
Fred Sanders - provided TST solo album lyrics and Terry Taylor sign pictures
Landen Davis - provided lyrics
John Chase - provided album comments (something I hoped to get more of but never did)
Jeremy Ladan - transcript of Terry's C-stone '98 press conference
Jeremy Nordmoe - pictures and review of Diamante's GMA show
Randy Peters - misc lyrics
Dr. Tony Shore - made the Surfonic giveaway possible
Gary McCoy - Doppleganger interview transcript

Web Counter- provider of page counter

HitBox - provider of page statistics - provider of URL redirection

Lpage - provider of guestbook

Geocities - provider of web space

ListBot - provider of announcement list

intraSearch - provider of search box

I'm sure I've left some people out due to lost email and files.  If you're missing from the list or want a correction to the list, please email me.

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