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Updated 9/20/98

Welcome to a new page dedicated to print references to Da or the members thereof. Sadly they don't get a whole lot of press, but recently there's been enough to make me start a new page! I don't have any music magazine subscriptions, so if you see something that isn't listed here, please email me.

  7Ball magazine, July/August 1998 

The July/Aug issue of 7Ball magazine has a two page article titled, Terry Taylor Rides a New Wave - which deals with Surfonic Water Revival and John Wayne! If that's not enough, Surfonic is the cover story! But wait! There's more! There is a nice two-page ad for Surfonic! But wait! There's still more! The cd included with the magazine has A Good Sailor Knows - The Insyderz' Surfonic track along with Mr. Flutter from John Wayne! Both of the articles are available on their web site (Go read them for yourself so I don't have to summarize them (I haven't read them myself)).

  CCM Magazine, July 1998 

This issue is CCM's 20th anniversary issue, Celebrating Twenty Years of Music, Faith & Culture. If they didn't mention DA, something would be seriously wrong. To be honest, they didn't disappoint too much. There could have been more DA coverage, but I think they did an 'okay' job. The biggest disappointment was seeing all of the magazine covers from the last twenty years. DA made it on the cover once.  I believe DA was mentioned twice in article covering the last twenty years. They did get a nice picture printed, though.

In the Top 100 Albums column, DA consumed a whole 3% of the list (reprinted without permission)...

  Horrendous Disc, Daniel Amos (Solid Rock, 1980) OP
Perhaps the most literate of the first generation of Christian music, it is also a full-out rock 'n' roll record (produced by Larry Norman) that can kick butt at high volume while gleefully paying its respects to the bands that formed its aesthetic. [Webmaster's Note: Larry was involved in the mixing (and graphics) of HD, not production]

  ¡Alarma!, Daniel Amos (Benson, 1981) OP
DA takes on the alternative scene a la Talking Heads and Devo with creative vigor here and throughout the Alarma Chronicles. Terry Taylor is Christian music's great unheralded songwriter; he understands grace and hope, writes about real issues in real lives and never forgets that it has to rock to matter.

  Doppelgänger, Daniel Amos (Rebel Base Productions, 1983) OP
This one gets closer to Thomas Dolby's electronic new wave, but again great sounds, great songs, great ideas -- too great to go unnoticed in pop American Christian Culture. But it did.

Also found in the pages of this issue are ads for John Wayne and Surfonic Water Revival:

New! CCM's History of Christian Music Radio Special is now on-line in RealAudio! There are a few snippets from an interview with Terry.  If I recall correctly, most of Terry's bits are in the first hour.  I'll try to list the exact segments in the near future.

I look forward to updating this page frequently...(hint hint industry people)...

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