The ĦAlarma! Chronicles - Volume II


Rebel Base Productions

Hollow Man
Mall (All Over The World)
Real Girls
New Car!
Do Big Boys Cry
Youth With a Machine
The Double
Distance and Direction
Memory Lane
Angels Tuck You In
Little Crosses
Autographs for the Sick
I Didn't Build it for Me
Here I Am
Hollow Man (Reprise)
CD bonus tracks
concert intro
Real Girls (live)
Memory Lane (live)
Terry Taylor: rhythm guitars, lead vocals, backing vocals
and percussion
Jerry Chamberlain: lead guitars, lead vocals on "Little Crosses",
interpreter on "autographs...", backing vocals and percussion
Tim Chandler: bass guitar, 8-string and fretless basses,
backing vocals and percussion
Ed McTaggart: drums, skins, tubs and traps (say five times- fast!),
backing vocals and percussion

The Doppelgänger Radio Special
The ĦAlarma! Chronicles text

The Lutheran League interviews Terry about Doppelgänger

The Horrendous Discography

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