New Surf Music For The Redeemed Masses

"Surfonic What?" Leave it to Terry Taylor to push the envelope even further! Surfonic Water Revival is a compilation produced, directed, and mostly written by Terry; but performed by various artists. "How various?" you ask? On this disc you will find...

Smalltown Poets
Paul Johnson
Brother's Keeper
Phil Keaggy
The Insyderz
Chuck Girard
Terry Scott Taylor
Randy Stonehill
Havilina Rail Co.
Daniel Amos
Rebecca St. James
All Star United
Rick Altizer
The O.C. Supertones
Lost Dogs
Rich Young Ruler
...and more!

Go to the official Surfonic web site for more info and audio clips of the songs!

Surfonic was nominated for the Special Event Album of the Year in the 30th Annual Dove Awards! Unfortunately, it did not win. But we all know the true value of those award shows...
For more info on the Dove Awards, check their web page.

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