Comprehensive TST timeline, discography, etc.

Stunt Records
    Record label started by Terry Taylor and Tom Gulotta which has re-released old DA albums as well as new live albums.

The Unofficial site of The Right Reverend Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor and his Lost Dogs
    Descriptive discography.

Memory Lane
    Timeline, band member list, Cornerstone set lists, discography, interviews, sound clips, pictures, and articles.

The Swirling Eddies Scrap Book (formerly Lost Eddies Scrap Book)
    News, pictures, interview, RealAudio, etc.

A Decade of Jesus Music 1969-79
    Pictures, RealAudio, and summaries of the first three DA albums.

Vox Humana
    Album and song descriptions.

Terry Taylor & Friends at Cornerstone Festival '97
    Pictures, comments, set list, etc.

The Unofficial Horrendous Disc Web Site
    A cool album advert, comparisons of the three album versions.

The Works of Terry Scott Taylor
    References and commentary on lyrics.

iMusic - Daniel Amos Bulletin Board
    An open bulletin board for discussing DA.

    Some very interesting memorabilia from Cornerstone '87

77s.com's Lost Dogs page
    Album covers, song lyrics, etc.

The Farm Beetles (A tribute page)
    A tribute page to The Farm Beetles - the Swirling Eddies' illiterate hillbilly cousins.

The Unofficial Tim Chandler Tribute Page
    A page dedicated to Tim Chandler.

Coco the Talking Guitar's Online Songbook
    Guitar tabs!

Secret Scripts
    Lyrics to unpublished songs.

KMG Records
    The label that brought us OPFWFH, John Wayne, Surfonic, etc.

Daniel Amos @ MP3.com
    DA songs in MP3 format.

When Worlds Collide
    The DA tribute album website.

Lost Dogs Discussion List

Daniel Amos @ Christian Guitar Network
    Chords for DA tunes.

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