The Revelation


Frontline Records

Finale: Bereshith Overture
Lady Goodbye
The Whistler
Sail Me Away
Posse in the Sky
Terry Taylor: lead vocals, guitars, background vocals, additional keyboards on album segways
Jerry Chamberlain: guitars, lead vocal on 'Lady Goodbye', background vocals
Marty Dieckmeyer: bass guitar, B.G.V.'s
Mark Cook: keyboards, lead vocal on 'He's Gonna Do a number on You', Background vocals
Ed McTaggart: drums, percussion, B.G.V.'s
The following musicians participated on "Soon!":
Terry Taylor: lead vocal, twelve string electric guitar, percussion, background vocals
Rob Watson: keyboards, background vocals
Tim Chandler: bass guitar
Ed McTaggart: drums

Terry's liner note

The Horrendous Discography

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