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Motor Cycle tracks


Brainstorm Artists, International

The Songs
Banquest at the World's End
Hole in the World
(What's Come) Over Me
Grace is the Smell of Rain
The Interviews-
broken up so you can suit yourselves
Intro-reunion of the band
Chemistry of the band-Guitars, etc
Album concept - celebration of life & death
Buffalo Hills & Noelle
Keyboards, etc - Traps, Ensnares
Courage & "Ministry"
Life on the road in the "old days"
What the future holds
The Bonus Tracks
Buffalo Hills (acoustic mix)
This version is closer to the original vision of the song when Terry wrote it. It developed a very different personality during the sessions and the mix.
Hole in the World (instrumental)
This song has some wonderful textures that really stand out without the vocals
(What's Come) Over Me (acoustic demo)
Recorded on a Tascam 4-track cassette recorder in Jerry's back room (Wax Lips Studio).
Building a "MotorCycle"
The evolution of a song from demo to rough mix to final version.
The Liners
Terry-"Banquet at The World's End"
Terry-"Grace..." (humourous)
Terry & Jerry- New album "Motor Cycle"
Terry- General (any single)
Terry Taylor: lead and backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, harmonica
Jerry Chamberlain: lead and rhythm guitars, lead and backing vocals, electric sitar, lap steel, percussion
Greg Flesch: lead and rhythm guitars
Tim Chandler: bass guitar
Ed McTaggart: drums, percussion

The Horrendous Discography

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