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When Worlds Collide
A Tribute to Daniel Amos

and the music of Terry Scott Taylor


Ferris Wheel Productions

I Love You #19 (Rick Altizer)
William Blake (Erin Echo)
Shotgun Angel (77's)
Alarma! (Phil Madeira)
Stone Away (Robert Heirendt)
Shedding the Mortal Coil (Starflyer 59)
Hell Oh (Jeff Elbel and Ping)
Strange Animals (Street Angel)
Beautiful One (Randy Stonehill)
The Pool (JAP)
Hold Back the Wind, Donna (Sindeways8)
Blowing Smoke (Jimmy A)
Through the Speakers (DAS)
Real Girls (Joy Gewalt)
Incredible Shrinking Man (Truck)
The Hound of Heaven (Larry Norman)
It's the 80's (Poole)
(Out of) The Wild Wood (The Throes)

The Horrendous Discography

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