Terry Scott Taylor Chat 11/30/98

Unedited (sic) chat log of #DADL 5:43pm EST - ??:??pm?

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**** Logging Started : Mon Nov 30 17:43:05 EST 1998
<Lostpuppy> I've got to get to class.  I'll be back in a couple hours
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> hey Gary
<RealMcCoy> Hey Kevin. Thought I would pop in before I leave for home. Glad you got on board
> hopefully I can get on board when I get home
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> howdy andrew
<RealMcCoy> Andrew welcome
<Sir_Andwin> Well I made it and it's my lunch time How till till Tery arrive?
> 3 hours, right?
<RealMcCoy> That's my calculation
<dane[away]> i'm baaaaaaack
> howdy dane
<RealMcCoy> Hey dane.
> enjoying surfonic?
<dane[away]> what's up guys?
<dane[away]> yeah, i love it
<dane[away]> so terry's coming then?
<Sir_Andwin> This will be my second ever on-line chat so I'm testing logging on etc till the big event.
> hopefully terry will be as successful as you
> funny - you're your lunch time - I'm eating dinner
<Sir_Andwin> I've been listening to Surfonic and John Wayne too (finally) I'll post my opinions to DADl when I get the chance
<RealMcCoy> Terry received detailed instructions on how to get on board with us. He doesn't seem like he knows a lot about computers.
> but it's tomorrow for you, right?
> Terry has a teenage son - he should be able to help!
<Sir_Andwin> I've noticed his age group tend not to know much but in a lot of cases once they are going they are pretty good.
<Sir_Andwin> And with his son's name being Andrew....
<Sir_Andwin> It's is Tuesday December the 1st (24 days till Santa)
<RealMcCoy> Maybe if he get's Andrew away from the Buffalo Hills maybe he can help him get on board.
<Sir_Andwin> So what questions do you all want to ask?
> "What's your favorite color"?
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<RealMcCoy> Will the Lost Dogs ever put out another record.
> Hey David!
<dctwink2> I finally made it!!
<dctwink2> Hey Kevin!
<dctwink2> I saw you on a Cornerstone video this weekend.
> oh no...
> which one?
<dctwink2> You were hangin' around the stage in your Motorcycle t-shirt . . .
<RealMcCoy> Hey guys I'm going to bow out and head home. Talk to you in a couple of hours.
> see ya!
> which concert?
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<dctwink2> Gosh, we have, like three hours to go, if he shows up, don't we . . .
<dctwink2> Actually, I think it was during the Terry warmup, IIRC.
> this last year?
<dctwink2> I was visiting Ken Humplett this weekend, that's how I saw it.
<dctwink2> 1998 C-stone
<Sir_Andwin> I'd better go have my lunch know so I'll be back about 3:00pm my time have fun till then :-)
<dctwink2> c u then, then.
> have a good lunch
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> That's some name, Eric
<MrProfanity> Heh heh
<dctwink2> Hey profanity boy!
<MrProfanity> I guess I'm early..
<dctwink2> Who is miniature man?
> doug baley
> +i
<dctwink2> Ah . . .
> Eric - you going to video tape the chat session?   :)
<MrProfanity> I got my 7 foot tall tripod set up - but I can
<MrProfanity> t see Terry....
<MrProfanity> Too many people in the way...
> take the lens cap off!
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<MrProfanity> Do we know if Terry's figured this stuff out yet ot not?
> no we don't.
<MrProfanity> (or not?)
<dctwink2> Do we know what his name will be?
<dane> uh oh, good question, dave
<dctwink2> Thanks DAne . . . . but you can call me DAvid :-)
> It can't be any worse than MrProfanity
<dane> oh ok
<MrProfanity> :-)
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<dctwink2> You're just too cool!
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<MrProfanity> What's the EG stand for?
<dctwink2> EG(g) as in 'on your face'??
> right
<dctwink2> I saw Eric on the video too . . .
<MrProfanity> Say what?
> how did you know what he looked like?
<dctwink2> gettin' those Farmbeatles CDs ready at C-tone . .
<MrProfanity> What video?
> ah.
<dctwink2> Ken told me who it was . . .
<DAne> hey now, EGGhead
<MrProfanity> THere's video of that?
<DAne> er, EGghead, i suppose
<dctwink2> Yeah, Steve Schrum cover everything!!
> Steve whatshisname
> right
<MrProfanity> Just keep in mind... I had malaria.
> so when Paul McCartney needs to know who to sue you can show him the video
<dctwink2> 'all got malaria, the weather's too hot!!'
<MrProfanity> Aol doesn't list Terry as being online yet...
<dctwink2> Wow . . . audiori decloaked!!
<dctwink2> Terry cannot be seen by anyone when he is online. . .
<MrProfanity> what?
**** Logging Started : Mon Nov 30 18:25:43 EST 1998
> .
<MrProfanity> Just call yourself the Artist
<dctwink2> Yeah, the Artist . .
<MrProfanity> We need no more artists - once we have Prince
<dctwink2> Who is 'argo'???
<argo``> i am unknown
<MrProfanity> oooooohhhhhhh....
<dctwink2> Is thaaaaaaat right?
<argo``> yes
<argo``> and im skipping my birthday party to be here
<dctwink2> Yuu da man!!
<DAne> is the party going on without you?
<argo``> actually....
<dctwink2> You can party with us . . .
<argo``> no one would throw me a party
<argo``> so this will be it
<DAne> oops.
<DAne> sorry
<DAne> happy birthday
<dctwink2> Party tunes:  Dance Stop
<dctwink2> Instruction Thru Film
<MrProfanity> Bert' day
<dctwink2> Prayer Wheel
<DAne> we'll have a banquet at the world's end for you
<dctwink2> Yeah!!!
<DAne> prayer wheel is a party tune?
<dctwink2> only the sound of it . . .
<DAne> the music, yeah okay...
<dctwink2> those weren't based on lyrical content . . .
<dctwink2> yeah
<MrProfanity> most party songs have no lyrical content
<DAne> tequila
<dctwink2> Wipeout!
<MrProfanity> I stand corrected
* DAne hums a happy tune
<MrProfanity> Oohhhh....where'd you get the purple?
<DAne> magic...
<dctwink2> Does everybody have their lists ready for the r.m.c. top 50?
<DAne> ha ha ha ha ha
<dctwink2> purple is cool!!
<DAne> crud
> top disc of the month - Tape Head
<DAne> why isn't this changing color?
> I don't get colours I guess
<DAne> aarrgghh
<DAne> woohooo
<DAne> here we go
<argo``> 2 ............
<dctwink2> Well . . .
<DAne> it's not that easy being green
<DAne> ok i'm done now
<MrProfanity> Anybody know how many people were planning on being here?
<dctwink2> Indeed.
<DAne> harumph
<DAne> dinner time. be back soon
<dctwink2> buh bye
<dctwink2> Well chillins, see you around Terry time!!
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<MrProfanity> oops
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<DAne> mmmm, microwave pizza
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> Jeremy!
<Guest35311> Hello
> welcome guest35311...
*** DAne (~danish@d185d0f93.rochester.rr.com) has joined channel #DADL
<Guest35311> Yes its Jeremy Nordmoe (got to change that nickname before TST arrives
<MrProfanity> This day in Rock and Roll history.... Billy Idol was born (William Broad) in 1955
<MrProfanity> Top Hit November 30, 1968, Love Child, (Diana Ross & the Supremes)
<DAne> interesting
<MrProfanity> November 30, 1929, The world's oldest teenager, Dick Clark, is born in Mount Vernon, New York. The disc jockey and television host of American Bandstand was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1993.
<Guest35311> Kevin are you on board?
> kind of
<Guest35311> I'm a chat newbie, anyone else?
> I haven't done much with irc in years
<MrProfanity> I've never used IRC until now
<Guest35311> I've got Bruce Cockburn's Charity of the Night playing.  What are you all listening to?
> Computer Hum
<MrProfanity> Cool album
<Guest35311> I've never listened to it before
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<Guest35311> bye bye argone
<Guest35311> who's mrprofanity?
<DAne> i'm listening to my stomanch growling...
<MrProfanity> one of the audioris
> you don't get any more elusive than that!
<Guest35311> good to have the audiori family represented
<MrProfanity> that's a good album too
<Guest35311> is PTC going to show up?
<MrProfanity> don't know
<MrProfanity> IS this going to be 6:00 - Terry time?
<Guest35311> PST is Terry Time.  That would make it 7:00 mountain 8:00 Central and 9:00 Eastern
*** Voice_Of_Objective_Truth (~tvot@ has joined channel #DADL
> hey Mr ladan
> did I spell that right?
<Voice_Of_Objective_Truth> hello, how much time 'till 6pm?
<Guest35311> I'm going to prepare my supper now.  be back in a few minutes.
<Voice_Of_Objective_Truth> yes, good spelling
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<DAne> 6pm was an hour ago
> 6pm EST, not PST
> 6PST is in 2 hours
<Voice_Of_Objective_Truth> thanks
<DAne> okay, psssst, 6pm was an hour ago
<Voice_Of_Objective_Truth> so, it did get confirmed... when?
> confirmed at 6pm
> if terry can figure this out
> well, I'm psuedoleaving
> bye
<Voice_Of_Objective_Truth> bye
<DAne> pseudobye
<MrProfanity> Anybody want to check out a Fingerprint web site we're putting together?
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<Lostpuppy> Howdy guys.. More people are showing up.. :)
*** spoonboy (NOPSO@166-24-141.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #DADL
<Lostpuppy> hey spoonboy
*** mr_nordy (nord77moe@167-113-123.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #DADL
<spoonboy> Howdy, just wanted to find out how late we're going?  Won't be around for the beginning...
<Lostpuppy> welcome mr_nordy
<Lostpuppy> dunno...  if we're still here, then we're still going.. :)
<mr_nordy> I'm back.  I just had to get my hotpotato.
<Lostpuppy> I will offer a transcript for the DADL afterwards
<spoonboy> S'all I needed to know - thanx.
<mr_nordy> does that mean we have to watch what we say  @*%$^!#
<spoonboy> Smile, mr_nordy, you're on Candid Camera...
*** MPrinsen (~mprinsen@ has joined channel #DADL
<Lostpuppy> Welcome back Mark
<Lostpuppy> Well.. If you don't care what you say, I don't either.. :)
*** s7calf (~saff@ has joined channel #DADL
<MPrinsen> Howdy, so is it T-40 minutes till Terry time?
<Lostpuppy> Actually, T-100minuutes for terry
<Lostpuppy> Terry isn't going to get hereuntil about 6.  But we can start brainstorming things at 5
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<MPrinsen> So, what are we talking about for the next 100 minutes?
<MPrinsen> How about those Vikings???
<Lostpuppy> that way we don't seem like a bunch of idiots when he gets here..
<mr_nordy> I played SkullMonkeys over the holidays.  pretty cool game, Great sndtrk!!!  of course my gaming skills suck.
<spoonboy> Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam...
<MPrinsen> Let's all take turns asking him about when Horrendous disc will be re-released. :-)
<MrProfanity> and which one's Daniel
<Lostpuppy> I don't know what we're talking about until then.  I am taking a break from class, so I'm going to be leaving right now, and won't be back until the chat.
<spoonboy> No thanks, I don't want to get my shirt dirty!!!
<Lostpuppy> Chow guys...
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<spoonboy> Osmosis, amoeba...
<Voice_Of_Objective_Truth> I bought Skullmonkeys recently and love it... my little brother beat it but I haven't
<mr_nordy> My brothers-in-law did better than I did (they own the playstation).  I had more fun watching them play.
<spoonboy> Right - off I go then.
<Voice_Of_Objective_Truth> I love playing it, qand with the cheats I'm not to bad... my brother also has more time then me because I work 50 hours a week
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<mr_nordy> we just rented it for the holidays, but we did download some of the cheats, which allowed us to see most everything.  The Universe enema rocks!  What does Klaymen's friend do?
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<Voice_Of_Objective_Truth> Willie gathers all of the items on the screen
<mr_nordy> okay, i can see where that would come in handy.  Is the Neverhood similar to skullmonkeys?  If not, how are they different?
<Voice_Of_Objective_Truth> Neverhood is a very different game, it is a problem solving game with puzles and not a side-scroling action game
<mr_nordy> I would probably like it better then, cuz i suck at all that hand/eye coordination stuff
<Voice_Of_Objective_Truth> probably
*** rexsonja (rexsonja@dialup-132.apex2000.net) has joined channel #DADL
<miniature_man> hiya folks
<rexsonja> hey guys, what's happening
<mr_nordy> waiting for tst to appear
<miniature_man> Any other !Alarma! fanatics here?  :)
<mr_nordy> alarma is my personal favorite, even if dfbb is superior
<miniature_man> lol
<miniature_man> actually, I find it next to impossible to rank DA records
<mr_nordy> i just caught the humor in my own statement, now i'm lol
<miniature_man> JW is, quite possible, just as good as DFBB, IMO...if not better
<mr_nordy> Alarma and SA are what really got me into DA and they will always rank high for me.  I think we concluded a while ago that most people favor the album they started with
<mr_nordy> JW is brilliant, but not a DA album.
<memorylane> I just can't wait to get the other two albums coming in the OPFWFH!!
<mr_nordy> we need to ask terry what those 2 will contain
<memorylane> I hope Memorylane is included, hint, hint.
*** daveway (~capt@ai40.truenetwork.com) has joined channel #DADL
<mr_nordy> I want more songs from DFBB, Kalhoun, FS,and VH (can you tell which ones I don't have on cd?)
<daveway> Ok..who changes the time?
*** Signoff: MrProfanity (Connection reset by peer)
<daveway> oh..hi all...everyone psyched for terry?
<mr_nordy> do we know for sure that he's going to show?
<memorylane> I just wish KMG would get the rights of Horrendous Disc so that they could print it out on c.d. or atleast include it with OPFWFH.
<daveway> one would hope so.
<daveway> Probably when Larry Norman  dies..
<Voice_Of_Objective_Truth> maybe, but I'm a bit out of it as I'm ill today... I'm trying to be psyched
<memorylane> how are we going to know that it is him?  What nick do you think he will go under?
*** MrProfanity (audiori@ has joined channel #DADL
<daveway> well we'll have to find out.
<memorylane> I guess so.
<miniature_man> Terryorama
<memorylane> Maybe Dr. Edward Taylor?
<memorylane> does anybody have that marathon album?
*** Egnix (~kevin@port19.annex8.radix.net) has joined channel #DADL
<Lostdog> Ok.. I'm back from class!
*** dctwink2 (DCTWINK2@ has joined channel #DADL
<Egnix> I'm back as well (not from class)
<dctwink2> I have returned . . .
<memorylane> I guess nobody has that album huh?
<miniature_man> got it on MP3 :)
<MrProfanity> I hot it
<MrProfanity> (Got)
<memorylane> How did you get it on MP3?
<memorylane> I had it but my friend broke it in half?
<miniature_man> my thanks to Link-o :)
*** Signoff: mr_nordy (Connection reset by peer)
<memorylane> Who's or what is Link-o?
<dctwink2> Hello everybody . . .
<daveway> yo twink
<miniature_man> everyone's favorite FTP master, of course
<daveway> kevin is that you?
<dctwink2> yo yo-self! :-)
<memorylane> Where can I find him, I would love to get that stuff.
<daveway> i have the telethon
<miniature_man> Memory, do you ever go to the DADL FTP site?
<memorylane> no, how do I get there?
<Egnix> daveway - yes, its me
<daveway> Cool..
<Lostdog> I am Link-o.. :)
<miniature_man> tell him, jim :)
<daveway> Kevin, you're down with Uncle Terry..any word from him on whether or not he'll show?
<memorylane> someone please tell me about how to go to the DADL FTP site, and where it is located?
<Lostdog> IP: l:dadl p:tst
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*** Card_Shark (dbailey@pm2-2.ro.com) has joined channel #DADL
<Lostdog> who here has AIM or ICQ?  I say we go through and share our contact info.. :)
<Egnix> daveway - I don't know - sounds like it's a matter of cooperation between terry and his computer
<mr_nordy> oops! I'm back.  What did i miss?
<Card_Shark> ICQ - 283864
<Lostdog> AIM = Linko, ICQ = 10496811
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* daveway I have AIM...vwdavebug
<Card_Shark> .
*** Card_Shark is now known as miniature_man
<daveway> kevin..what kind of computer does he have?
<dctwink2> Isn't Uncle Terry a Mac-man?
<mr_nordy> shudder.
<Lostdog> Umm.. If he is, my instructions that were sent are not going to be of good use.. :)
<Lostdog> my instructions assume windows of some sorts
<daveway> maybe we shouldn't introduce him to this computer stuff..what if he looses his creative edge and he becomes net-addicts like us?
<mr_nordy> should we intercede on behalf of Terry's computer?
<memorylane> So what do I use to get to that FTP address?  Web browser, IRC?
<miniature_man> I use an FTP client
<miniature_man> Lostdog, can your site be accessed via Netscape?
<mr_nordy> you can also use the web
*** Guest83352 (rgray09@166-91-67.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #DADL
<mr_nordy> link can you please post the ftp again
<Lostdog> YEs it can....
<Lostdog> IP: l:dadl p:tst
<Lostdog> but it slows down the site...
*** Signoff: dctwink2 (Connection reset by peer)
<Lostdog> WSFTP is what I use to ftp
* miniature_man OK, Terry me bucko, you're 10 minutes late :-(
<Lostdog> no.. he's still got 50 minutes.. :)
<miniature_man> argh
<Lostdog> he'll be here at 6:00 PST
<Lostdog> sorry for the confusion
*** dctwink2 (DCTWINK2@ has joined channel #DADL
<Lostdog> Howdy
*** DRiNDUSTR (djb9@res-152-16-201-82.dorm.duke.edu) has joined channel #DADL
<dctwink2> Hello again DADLers . . .
<Lostdog> welcome Dr
*** Guest83352 is now known as mr_flutter
* miniature_man still wishes TST would rewrite "It's the 80s" as "It's 2000"... (sigh)
<DRiNDUSTR> thanx
<DRiNDUSTR> for those of you who know me from the DADL listserv
<DRiNDUSTR> this is Yuri
<Lostdog> Ah....
* Lostdog <------ = Link
<dctwink2> Hi Yuri . . .
<DRiNDUSTR> hi link!
<memorylane> Thanks you guys, I am downloading WS-FTP now, and I should be logging on soon.
<Lostdog> ok
<DRiNDUSTR> hi wink!
<MrProfanity> everybody should have "mr" in front of their name...
<DRiNDUSTR> I think DR is better
<Lostdog> uh.. Why?
<MrProfanity> we got three of them
<dctwink2> Mr. Twink . . .
<mr_nordy> amen
<DRiNDUSTR> just do
<DRiNDUSTR> no reason
<mr_flutter> amen
<DRiNDUSTR> where's tst?
<DRiNDUSTR> or I guess it's early still?
<Egnix> Is MrProfanity an inside joke between you and terry?
<Lostdog> I'll just stick to my name :)
<Lostdog> Got 45 more minutes until he gets here
<memorylane> you missed him
<dctwink2> Hey doc!
<mr_nordy> is this chat bigger than previous ones?
<Lostdog> (Hopefully)
<MrProfanity> 45 min
<MrProfanity> nope
<dctwink2> It is . . .
<Lostdog> This is definately bigger...
* daveway likes the chats better on IRC..
<Lostdog> And it doesn't even start for 45 more minutes.. :)
<dctwink2> Is anyone gonna log this thing tonight?
<DRiNDUSTR> hmmm....too bad they aren't any free CDs being given away... :)
<Lostdog> IRQ is better than yahoo... :)
<DRiNDUSTR> somebody should log it...
<Lostdog> I've been logging it since about noon.. :)
<DRiNDUSTR> kohl
<dctwink2> Is it a dirty inside joke? ;-)
<MrProfanity> noon?!?!?!
<Lostdog> The log will be available via the ftp site, and I might post it, but it will be big...
*** RealMcCoy (gmccoy@1Cust163.tnt5.chi5.da.uu.net) has joined channel #DADL
<memorylane> BRB
<MrProfanity> no, I just couldn't think of a name to use...
<Lostdog> :)
<miniature_man> just ZIP it, LD
*** memorylane has left channel #dadl
<mr_flutter> has terry figured out how to log in?
*** memorylane (none@shadow.gvc.net) has joined channel #DADL
<Lostdog> I logged my computer in, and went to work and class.. :)
<DRiNDUSTR> I hope Terry can
<DRiNDUSTR> a lot of the DAL net servers are full though
<Lostdog> we don't know
<mr_nordy> hey egnix, how bout some free cds?
<DRiNDUSTR> I generally use EF net myself
<Lostdog> I haven't gotten word back about how he likes my instructions
<dctwink2> Good, gotta keep ole Randy happy!
<mr_nordy> welcome mccoy
<DRiNDUSTR> free cds are kohl!
<Lostdog> EFnet blocks AOL
<RealMcCoy> Howdy boys, good to be back.
<DRiNDUSTR> I want a Darn Floor Big Bite CD!
<mr_nordy> has st. andrew appeared yet?
<DRiNDUSTR> I didn't know that
<Egnix> Free cds - maybe by this weekend?
<Lostdog> andrew was here earlier
<DRiNDUSTR> or better yet, a let's spin CD!!!
<Lostdog> better yet, an entire cd collection.. :)
<dctwink2> Sorry, can't have mine . . .
<mr_nordy> i'm using AOL with no problems
<dctwink2> I'm aoling too . . .
<Lostdog> DALNet doesn't block aol, just EFNet
<dctwink2> Can't have that one either!
<DRiNDUSTR> i also need scenic routes
<DRiNDUSTR> and daniel amos
<DRiNDUSTR> and shotgun
<DRiNDUSTR> and vox humana
<dctwink2> Indeed.
<DRiNDUSTR> and kalhoun
<DRiNDUSTR> and motorcycle tracks
<DRiNDUSTR> hmmm.....
<DRiNDUSTR> and miracle faith telethon
<dctwink2> I picked up an extra copy of Stonehill's "the Wild Frontier" this weekend.
<mr_nordy> alright already
<Lostdog> I just picked up John Wayne this weekend!
<DRiNDUSTR> if you give it to me, I'll trade it for your let's spin disc
<Lostdog> :)
* daveway only needs knowledge and innocence and farmbeetles.
<memorylane> I have to restart my computer, someone save me a seat! lol.
<dctwink2> I don't have MC tracks, but I have my MC t-shirt on . . .
<DRiNDUSTR> I need those too mr daveway
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<Lostdog> nope.. once you leave its too late
<Lostdog> :)
<memorylane> be right back
*** Signoff: memorylane (Quit: Leaving)
<dctwink2> 'don't hate yerself!!'
<mr_nordy> its a good thing we don't do this all the time or i'd never get anything done
<miniature_man> LD, spin JW for a couple hours straight....you won't regret it :)
<dctwink2> I just set IRC up and 'don't hate yerself' is the only sound file I keep hearing . . .
<Lostdog> i have already.. :)
*** Signoff: mr_flutter (Quit: Leaving)
<Lostdog> it's on now.. Chicken crosses the road
*** jimb (jimbob@ has joined channel #DADL
<mr_nordy> i'm listening to Jackson Browne
<MrProfanity> I'll give a sealed copy of Terry's CD single to the first person that can get Terry to recite lyrics to the theme of "All in the family"...
<jimb> Hey, good evening, all!
<Lostdog> heheh
<miniature_man> hiya Jimb
<dctwink2> hiya!
<jimb> Looks like we got a good group tonight.  Now all we need is Terry.
<Lostdog> yup
*** AServant7 (mwatso02@ has joined channel #DADL
<mr_nordy> This is Nashville checking in.  where's everyone else calling in from?
<dctwink2> I'm gonna put my 60 changer on random as soon as Blister Soul is over . . .
<Lostdog> Seattle
<RealMcCoy> Elgin, Illinois
*** memorylane (none@civic.gvc.net) has joined channel #DADL
<jimb> Eunice, LA
<MrProfanity> Missouri
<memorylane> I'm back!!!
<argoneon> Sarasota, Florida
<dctwink2> you take too many trips down . .
<AServant7> MISSOURI
<dctwink2> Ila, Georgia . ..
<AServant7> Hey, I recognize a few people
<dctwink2> I was in Pt. Charlotte for Thanksgiving . . .
<daveway> west chester, pa
<dctwink2> near Athens, GA.
<argoneon> not too far.....
<jimb> West Chester! Whoa, I was born there.
<dctwink2> yup
<daveway> whoa nelly!
<DAne> how're we gonna handle questions?
<jimb> lol
<Lostdog> dunno...
<Egnix> West Chester - home of Commodore!   (sorry)
<AServant7> I'll ask them all
<dctwink2> yeah, is there a moderator?
<argoneon> i was born 20 years ago...right now
<Lostdog> haven't thought of that..
<MrProfanity> we need Ed to answer the questions for Terry
<AServant7> Kevin should moderate
<dctwink2> you say it's yer bertday?
<dctwink2> It's my bertday too!!
<daveway> lost dog could set moderated status.
<dctwink2> not
<Lostdog> If we're going to have a moderator, I'm the closet to that, as I am the channel operator.
<jimb> Well, I've been around a bit longer....
<DAne> is gary here? maybe he should be the moderator
<Lostdog> anyone here a IRC pro?
<Egnix> without a moderator things could get ungly
<AServant7> Make sure it's someone who knows a little about IRC
<mr_nordy> let chaos reign
* daveway is on IRC ALOT!
<jimb> I'm the oldest so I should be the moderator. : )
<RealMcCoy> Gary is here, but I may have to bop in and out. I've got four kids and my wife is not up for me being on the chat full-time. So I decline moderator role.
<Lostdog> I've used irc a bunch, but haven't done much as op, so, I'm willing to step aside if someone else has more experience
<Egnix> link - why not flip moderator mode on and see how it works
*** Mode change "+m" on channel #dadl by Lostdog
<Lostdog> We are now moderated
*** Mode change "-m" on channel #dadl by Lostdog
<MrProfanity> abd that means what exactly?
<Lostdog> we are now unmoderated
<Egnix> so how does this work?
<Egnix> hmm, do we have to send messages to you then?
<jimb> You get to talk in green?
<Lostdog> Moderated means you can listen, but can't type unless your mode is +v
<Lostdog> I think.. :)
<Lostdog> v = voice
<dctwink2> That sounds like it would kinda suck . ..
<MrProfanity> yep
<Egnix> tricky....
<mr_nordy> how come I typed while we were moderated?
<AServant7> How will you know who to let speak?
<dctwink2> I think we need to keep it a 'free for all'
<AServant7> We didn't see it , mr_nordy
<DAne> lets's all speak at once. ANARCHY! ANARCHY! ANARCHY!
<AServant7> Let TERRY decide who to answer?
<mr_nordy> lol
<memorylane> Why don't we take turns going down the list?
<MrProfanity> We can do our best not to step on each other's questions...
<Egnix> let's just try to be considerate and not ask 34 questions at once...
<RealMcCoy> Sounds good to me!
<MrProfanity> I'm not sure I have any questions yet...
<daveway> that souns fair
<Lostdog> yes.. If I need to go moderated, I will, But Lets try the chaos method first.. :)
<jimb> That's a good deal, long as somebody talks.
<mr_nordy> how about 17
<dctwink2> I'll probably just 'listen' alot . . .
<AServant7> WHO is WHO on the list?
* daveway is vwdavebug@hotmail.com
<dctwink2> I am DAvid J. Cervantes
* Lostdog is Link
<mr_nordy> jeremy.nordmoe
<RealMcCoy> I am Gary McCoy
<MrProfanity> highlight their name - and click on "who is"
<dctwink2> I haven't really said much on the DADL lately.
<memorylane> I am Paul S. Smith from Greenville College!
<Lostdog> aka owner of the sacred mp3 site.. :)
<daveway> gee, wonder is peter is coming.
* argoneon is............me
<dctwink2> I am DR EDWARD DANIEL TAYLOR!!!!!
<dctwink2> not
<jimb> I kept jimb.  Lack of imagination I guess.
<DRiNDUSTR> I dunno how to do kohl stuff in IRC
<daveway> that's okay jimb
<Egnix> :
<mr_nordy> i'm actually online at home for the first time
<DRiNDUSTR> aka Yuri Bixeloff
<DRiNDUSTR> aka David Bixler
<jimb> Yeah, I've learned to live with me.
<DRiNDUSTR> a sophomore at Duke
* daveway is also david stinson
<mr_nordy> i went to TAylor U.  (included in hide the beer)
<jimb> So what's the little asterisk thing?
<AServant7> I'm Brad \o/
<Lostdog> to do an action, type /me <action>
<daveway> the asterisk is an action.
* daveway went to Nyack College. (YUCK) also included in hide the beer.
*** s7calf (saff@par1132.urh.uiuc.edu) has joined channel #DADL
<Egnix> mr nordy is such the terry taylor fan he had to go to Taylor U
<dctwink2> I went to Toccoa Falls College
* mr_nordy *
* Lostdog goes to Seattle Pacific (in Hide the beer)
* jimb OK I think I got it
<mr_nordy> egnix went to taylor too.
<daveway> i am sorry dctwink...i couldn't handle the alliance anymore.
<argoneon> i went to school of visual arts in NYC for 1 day
* Egnix b
<dctwink2> Me neither, I'm  a . . . gasp!!! Baptist now . ..
<argoneon> Florida State for 2 weeks
*** JeniMae (~jrouse@ has joined channel #DADL
<daveway> Im a Salvationist, but went to Nyack because close to where my band practiced.
<AServant7> go dctwink2
<jimb> Ahhh well travelled, eh?
<RealMcCoy> Iowa State for 4 years, Moody Bible Institute 1 year.
<mr_nordy> i'm baptist too, for better or for worse.
<JeniMae> wow lots of people
<dctwink2> REPENT!!!!
<dctwink2> heh heh
<JeniMae> I'm Salvationist too, sort of
<AServant7> Isn't everyone baptist?
<daveway> i couldn't stand being told that I have to be a missionary?
<Egnix> howdy jana
<daveway> Jeni?  Really...explain.
<dctwink2> John was . . .
<dctwink2> it defined him
<JeniMae> hi
<mr_nordy> lol
<daveway> jeni..define sort of....very curious!
<memorylane> Hey, Greenville is home of great CCM people!  WooHoo!!
<JeniMae> well I'm officially still a Salvationist, and I still work there, I'm my officer's secretary, but I quit going to church there about 1 1/2 yrs ago.
<jimb> Better yet define salvationist
<dctwink2> that would be good . . .
<daveway> a salvationist is someone who's church is The Salvation ARmy..the members are called soldiers.
* mr_nordy *nashville is home to c*rm*n, so there.
<daveway> jeni..where?
<JeniMae> Quincy, Illinois.  you?
* DRiNDUSTR <action>
<JeniMae> Central Territory
<daveway> West Chester, PA.
<jimb> Excuse the dumbness, but I didn't know they had their own church.
<memorylane> Hey, I was just in Quincy last night!
*** muddy (muddy@slip166-72-234-123.al.us.ibm.net) has joined channel #DADL
<dctwink2> I'm originally from Bettendorf, Iowa . . .
<miniature_man> Spring Arbor College, Spring Arbor, Mich
<daveway> The Salvation Army is a church always has been.
<JeniMae> really?
<daveway> jeni, how old are you?
<JeniMae> where do you live?
* DRiNDUSTR is experimenting
<dctwink2> I live in near Athens, GA now . . .
<memorylane> Miniature man, you are at my sister college!!
<mr_nordy> home to VOL
<dctwink2> yeah!!
* DRiNDUSTR wants to know who lives in SC
<miniature_man> which is that, Memory?
*** muddy is now known as Guest38013
<Lostdog> yikes.. we've got 21 people here!  This more than doubles our previous record!
<mr_nordy> saw them about 2 weeks ago. great show
<dctwink2> I lived in SC this spring and summer.
*** Guest38013 is now known as muddy^
<AServant7> So... anyone like John Wayne?
<memorylane> Yeah, Jeni, I picked up my girlfriend, who lives there and goes to college with me.
<dctwink2> I saw VoL in August.
<JeniMae> memory - where do you live?
<mr_nordy> love it
<miniature_man> JW rocks
<Lostdog> Servant: Just got it this weekend...
<daveway> i love John Wayne..such a deep sound.
<memorylane> Miniature man, I go to greenville.
<Lostdog> I've been giving it a few spins
<dctwink2> JW is indeed a great disc.
<DAne> speaking of link, zelda64 is friggin rad
<JeniMae> where do you go to college?
<AServant7> It may become one of my favorites
<memorylane> I am going to go to JW airport in December!!!
<miniature_man> Actually, I went to SAC back in 81-83
<RealMcCoy> JW is true grit for the soul!
<memorylane> Jeni, I go to Greenville.
<AServant7> lol
<dctwink2> ya got that right, padner!!
<Lostdog> so who was speaking of link? :)
<DAne> i was
<JeniMae> who is your girlfriend?
<memorylane> Her name is Sarah ball.
<AServant7> me
<DAne> ewwww
<AServant7> link, I haven't had it long, but it sure is good
<JeniMae> nope, don't know her
<memorylane> What church do you attend?
<Lostdog> just to get rid of some of the chaos right now, if you want to direct a comment to a particular person, please place their name first followed by a colon, then the message
<Lostdog> :)
<memorylane> Lostdog: Sorry!
*** Signoff: dctwink2 (Quit: Leaving)
<DAne> Lostdog: like this?
<miniature_man> nope
<AServant7> that's not working
<Lostdog> ML: No problem, but when 20+ people are chatting, things get confusing
<mr_nordy> lol
<DRiNDUSTR> @Lostdog: like this
<Lostdog> Dane: Perfect!
<DRiNDUSTR> or not
<Lostdog> without the @
<miniature_man> :test
<DAne> how about this: for private conversations use /ctcp <name> message
<miniature_man> I C
<AServant7> We're all seeing all of them
<DRiNDUSTR> Lostdog: like this?
<Lostdog> the @ just means I am a channel operator
<memorylane> JM: What church do you attend?
<DRiNDUSTR> it still shows up....
<JeniMae> River Of Life Christian Center
<muddy^> Lostdog: So is he coming?
<Lostdog> Well for private message, use /msg <name> message
<JeniMae> oops!  That was to Memory Lane
<mr_nordy> please put OT in all off topic chats
<MrProfanity> you can also send a private message by double clicking on the persons name (I think)
*** dctwink2 (DCTWINK2@213-51-170.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #DADL
<Lostdog> Muddy: He hasn't responded to my email yet, so I hope so
<Lostdog> MrP: Yes, that works as well,
<AServant7> That's correct, MrProfanity
<AServant7> Hey, we could all flood him with e-mails and make him sorry he ever heard of us !!
<mr_nordy> How do you spell Frederic Buechner?
<DAne> we could, couldn't we?
<memorylane> JM: I actually forgot where she goes, but I know the pastor of the Community church there.
* Lostdog smacks AServant7 with a big fish! "What are you thinking?!?!"
<AServant7> brb
<MrProfanity> I think that's right...
<dctwink2> frederrrrrikkk  beeeeekner?
* DAne slides to the other side of AServant7 and smacks AServant7 in the back of the head.
<JeniMae> Memory - I'm not familiar with that church
*** AServant7 is now known as AServant7_afk
<memorylane> I think it is on Locust, but I could be wrong.
<daveway> 10 minutes to go.
<mr_nordy> rotflol
<dctwink2> get off the floor nordy!!
<JeniMae> church on Locust is Tabernacle of Praise
<MrProfanity> MrNord: I checked.... Frederick Buechner
<mr_nordy> MP: thanks!
*** LostSwirly (LostSwirly@ has joined channel #DADL
<Lostdog> Welcome Swirly
<mr_nordy> welcome swirly
<LostSwirly> Thanks!
<dctwink2> Is that Michial?
<Lostdog> We've got a big crowd tonight!
<dctwink2> I think we're up to 22 now . ..
<MrProfanity> Anybody mention this to Tom?
<JeniMae> Memory - Is Tabernacle of Praise the church you were talking about?
<LostSwirly> My first time here, but on the list.  Thanks to the one that does it!
<memorylane> JM: maybe that is it then, I can't remember, you don't happen to know who the pastor of that church is.
<DAne> anybody mention this to terry? hahaha
<MrProfanity> heh heh
<Lostdog> You know.. I don't think anyone mentioned this to tom... Maybe next time.. :)
<Voice_Of_Objective_Truth> is everyone here fron the dadl
<mr_nordy> Should we ask Terry to perform for us?
* daveway is from the dadl.
<Lostdog> I did invite some non DADLers, bet I don't see them here
<MrProfanity> (from DADL)
<mr_nordy> ditto
<LostSwirly> Is it for sure that the "godfather" will be here?
<mr_nordy> whats a s7calf?
<jimb> dadlite
*** Signoff: RealMcCoy (Connection reset by peer)
<JeniMae> memory -hmmm was the Forgarty's, now someone new...can't think of his name but I like him
<s7calf> don't you wish you knew?
<miniature_man> size 7
<miniature_man> :)
<mr_nordy> s7calf: maybe I don't.
<memorylane> JM:  Is it Lyle McCoon Jr.?
<MrProfanity> I'll still give a free copy of terry's CD single to the first person that gets him to recite the words to the theme from "all in the family"
<JeniMae> Memory - no
<dctwink2> Sanctuary just came on (random mode)
<memorylane> JM: oh well
<DAne> hi Mr. Taylor
<LostSwirly> Was everyone here at the C-Stone show this past July?
<MrProfanity> yes
<Voice_Of_Objective_Truth> I was... and I really want a tape of the concert... I will pay $$$
<jimb> After years of passing it up, I finally made it this year.  Got there about two hours before the show.
<dctwink2> I watched clips of C-stone '98 over the weekend . . .
<mr_nordy> LS: No :(
<mr_nordy> I want a tape too.
<memorylane> JM:  that is who I know though, he is a pastor of a community church there that is a branch off of the Free Methodist church.
*** RealMcCoy (gmccoy@ has joined channel #DADL
<jimb> Loved the  conga line.  And "val-de- ree!"
<LostSwirly> I was there but didn't get to tape, would love it too.
* daveway is going to C-stone 99
<Egnix> any news gary?
<daveway> for free
<JeniMae> I was at the Cstone show past July!
<MrProfanity> did everyone go to both shows?
<RealMcCoy> I'm back, but no message from Uncle Terry. Hopefully he will show up.
<mr_nordy> I was there in '97
<dctwink2> I hope to go in '99 . . .
<Lostdog> hopefully...
<dctwink2> It's only an hour and a half from my parents' home.
<jimb> I was burnt from driving 19 hours to get there, but it was WELL worth it.
*** Signoff: Lostdog (Dead Socket)
<LostSwirly> I went to both C-Stone shows, the unplugged set as well.
<memorylane> Is TST going to perform in '99?
<mr_nordy> 3 minutes to go
*** Lostdog (link@ has joined channel #DADL
<JeniMae> I live in Quincy just about 1 1/2 hrs from Cstone
<Lostdog> I hate when that happens.. :(
*** Signoff: miniature_man (Quit: Leaving)
<MrProfanity> they usually start announcing bands in January... I think
<jimb> Missed the unplugged... Didn't know about it. dad-gummit!
* daveway has a friend in a band that will perfom at C-stone in 99. He's putting me on the guest list. sooo happy
<mr_nordy> lucky dog
*** miniature_man (dbailey@pm2-2.ro.com) has joined channel #DADL
<memorylane> I wish He would play at Agape' here in Greenville.
*** Mode change "+o Lostdog" on channel #dadl by ChanServ
<LostSwirly> Memory, do you attend Greenville College?
<jimb> If I can get off of work, I'm planning it.
<memorylane> Yes I do!
<daveway> I am already planning my vacation for it.
<LostSwirly> I lived in St. Louis for several years and have a student from my youth group attending there.
<miniature_man> T-1 minute
<daveway> terry?????
<memorylane> Ls:  What is the students name?
<jimb> I only caught two and a half days last time.  Next time it's for the whole show (and a hotel room).
<mr_nordy> how long do we wait?
<LostSwirly> They are a transfer sophomore, Jenni Harpring.
<Lostdog> umm.. however long we want to
<memorylane> LS:  I don't know her personally, but I know what she looks like.
<LostSwirly> That's cool, I am in Michigan now.
<dctwink2> next song:  Breathe Deep, '96
<jimb> Yeah, maybe I can bring a few youth and use that to get out of work.  Hmmmm...
<miniature_man> LS:  where in Michigan?
<memorylane> I was so excited last weekend, I bought A briefing for the Ascent for only $6.00 in a Christian warehouse.
<mr_nordy> Just dropped JW into the player
<miniature_man> .
<argoneon> ..
<LostSwirly> MM: I am in Flint.
<mr_nordy> ml: what's a "christian warehouse"
<dctwink2> nordy asked my question!
* jimb Getting OPFWFH started. Gotta be the way to go.
<dctwink2> The Warehouse is saved!!
<miniature_man> LS:  lived in Saginaw for a couple years
<memorylane> MR. N:  It is a place where they sell Christian shirts, books, c.d.'s, tapes, and stuff at a very cheap price.
<MrProfanity> I think Benny Henn is going to save the statue of liberty on his next special...
<LostSwirly> MM: I don't like it as well as St. Louis, but it's ok.
<mr_nordy> mp: LOL!!
<memorylane> Anybody know how much a Briefing for the ascent is worth?
*** mickeyvee (mickster@ has joined channel #DADL
<daveway> terry
<daveway> terry
<daveway> terry
<daveway> terry
<miniature_man> LS:  well, Flint isn't exactly the best place to be in Michigan lol
<dctwink2> yey!! audiori!!!
<Lostdog> MP: Didn't he already due that?
<LostSwirly> MP: Benny Henn's going to heal Carman's gumboil first!
<Lostdog> ML: Not much.. $15 or $20
<memorylane> Daveway:  Please, use his name with a capitol T!
<dctwink2> He's gonna  cast out the spirit of C*rm*n from him . ..
<LostSwirly> ML: True!
<mr_nordy> whatever your willing to pay for it.  (i paid less than $7)
<MrProfanity> LostDog: maybe he did....
<LostSwirly> Terryorama just logged onto AOL!
<Lostdog> he just logged in
<daveway> he's coming.
<Voice_Of_Objective_Truth> ohh the tension builds
<mr_nordy> YES!!!!!!!
<dctwink2> well, how 'bout that . . .
<LostSwirly> Let's all hold hands & sing The Champion!
<DAne> duh duh duh dummmm
<MrProfanity> Friends are friends forver
<dctwink2> Somebody get the 20th Century Fox Fanfare!!!
<DAne> LS: umm, no.
<mr_nordy> LS: Satan Bite the Dust
<dctwink2> Let's not and say we didn't!!
<memorylane> He has ONE!!! He Has One!!!
<miniature_man> kcik bttu...I hvae Trrey no AMI oot! :)
<Voice_Of_Objective_Truth> ahhhh
<Lostdog> Terry and I are working on getting him in
<DAne> one what?
<daveway> whistle the tune to ten gallon hat.
<dctwink2> As "You Lay Down" pops on the CD changer . . .
<LostSwirly> Let's sing the Skeptic's Song!
<memorylane> Dance...Stop!!!!!
<DAne> Let's spin.
<mr_nordy> Let's not scare Terry away
<Lostdog> Anyone know about using IRC on a mac, message me QUICKLY!
<jimb> Alarma maybe?
<miniature_man> Now let's not flood Terry with AIM chat requests...lol
<Voice_Of_Objective_Truth> How is this gonna be moderated?
<dctwink2> I'd spin but my rooomie might think I'm nutso!!
<MrProfanity> it's not
<mr_nordy> Somebody call Benny Hinn, maybe he can heal terry's mac.
*** daveway has left channel #dadl
*** daveway (~capt@ai40.truenetwork.com) has joined channel #DADL
<dctwink2> Hmmmm . . . I thought he was cloaked (hidden from sight while online) guess I was wrong.
<mickeyvee> oh yuck. he's connecting to IRC through AOL on a mac?
<Egnix> link - http://www.ircle.com/
<memorylane> Talk about doing things all wrong!
<mr_nordy> kevin to the rescue
<DAne> no kidding
<Egnix> I haven't used it but it exists
<mickeyvee> i've used ircle many times, but connecting through AOL on a mac is a real reach.
<Egnix> isn't dctwink2 using aol?
<Lostdog> Anyone know which is better format to download something, Stuffit or Binhex?
<dctwink2> Yes he is . . .
<dctwink2> not on a mac, though
<daveway> stuffit.
<mickeyvee> stuffit can read both stuffit AND binhex.
<mr_nordy> here comes mr. Flutter
<DAne> stuffit
<Lostdog> is he going to have to download an uncompresser?
<Egnix> does he have stuffit expander?
<Lostdog> He says we have as much time for this as we need (within reason)
<daveway> the stuffit site..should have an expander that is quick to dl
<Egnix> it also comes with netscape - which he may not have
<DAne> maybe he can download a PC and get around all these problems
<Lostdog> :)
<mr_nordy> I'm telling you. Call Benny Hinn NOW!!!!
<dctwink2> Such wit tonight . . . it's quite refreshing!!
<memorylane> He can come over to my place and use my PC!!
<LostSwirly> Terry's computer is full of demons, it needs deliverance!
<mr_nordy> Is he in Minnesota or California?
<mickeyvee> so how many RMC regulars are here?
<Egnix> stuffit explander - http://www.aladdinsys.com/expander/index.html#mac in case you didn't know
<Lostdog> He comments that this is sounding complicated...
<Egnix> oops expander
*** Guest19793 (kemprlj@209-209-18-77.lax.jps.net) has joined channel #DADL
<mr_nordy> How bout a pharthead?
<mickeyvee> connecting to IRC through AOL on a MAC *is* complicated. he should just morse code it.
<DAne> oh no, not the EXPLANDER!
<Egnix> kemper?
<argoneon> and macs are supposed to be easy to use......................
<DAne> is that mr. taylor, guest19793?
<mickeyvee> they *are* easy to use, it's AOL that makes it a pain in the ass.
<Lostdog> he offered to let me moderate by sending questions to him, and sending answers back to you guys, should we just do that?
<DAne> how about yahoo chat?
<muddy^> NO!
<DAne> all you need is a browser
<AServant7_afk> can he just go to www.dalnet.com and log in that way?
<mr_nordy> we can give him a few more minutes
<mickeyvee> yah. i have the first question. mr. taylor, why the deuce are you trying to connect to IRC through AOL on a MAC?
*** Sir_Andwin (~tech@ has joined channel #DADL
<AServant7_afk> you CAN chat through the browser at the web addy
<mickeyvee> connecting on a browser through AOL on a Mac isn't any better.
<DAne> point
<mr_nordy> st Andrew?
<jimb> Man Broken Ladders is a good song!
<Sir_Andwin> Yep I'm here and it's my day so be nice :-)
<Voice_Of_Objective_Truth> Mr Nordy stole my line!
<Lostdog> Linko: I don't suppose Andrew is around to help? You know how kids are with computers.. :)
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Honestly, i think I might be in over my head here. Andrew isn't around unfortunately.
<DAne> haha
<DAne> what's the problem? does he have a client?
<AServant7_afk> Is Guest19793 Kemper Crabb?
<dctwink2> I'm using aol and not using a browser . . . I just turned on the IRC.
<daveway> one step at a time terry.
<MrProfanity> keep your head up
*** AServant7_afk is now known as AServant7
<DAne> does aol have an IRC feature?
<mr_nordy> You typed them exactly what i didn't type...
<DRiNDUSTR> I take it terry still isn;t here?
<mr_nordy> and yes its playing right now
<memorylane> Just go to www.tucows.com and download MIRC, it works with Aol, and everything.
<jimb> That's OK I'll Get Over It
<muddy^> Lostdog: So much for order...
*** JawaHutt (ccpirch300@ has joined channel #DADL
<mickeyvee> no, AOL does not natively IRC.
<mr_nordy> he's close but no cigar
<mickeyvee> memory: he's using a MAC.
<DAne> is anyone using a macintosh computer?
<Sir_Andwin>  Goot go work busy interested to see transcript
<argoneon> he doesnt have a computer
*** Signoff: Sir_Andwin (Quit: Leaving)
<JawaHutt> Whoa...  didn't expect this many...
<Egnix> dane - I could if I needed to
<JawaHutt> Why didn't this many ever show up when I owned it?  :-(
<JawaHutt> Oh yeah...  I didn't have Terry...
<dctwink2> Hey Crabtree!!
<miniature_man> Was Sir_Andwin = TST?
<s7calf> We don't have Terry either...
<Lostdog> I have a choice to download Stuffit in BinHex or MacBinary format, I assume I want Macbinary?
<JeniMae> well...what is everyone listening to right now?
<mickeyvee> yah you want macbinary.
<Egnix> yes, macbinary
<JawaHutt> Well, I didn't have the possibility of Terry...
<dctwink2> Big Warm Sweet Interior Glowing . . .
<memorylane> I am listening to the Monday night football game.
<dctwink2> that just came on . .
<mickeyvee> crabtree?
<mickeyvee> ed rock?
<mr_nordy> JM: miniature girl
<jimb> If You Want To
<dctwink2> the other crabtree . . .
<mickeyvee> jeni: i'm listening to king's x.
<AServant7> Tell Terry to give me his phone number... I can't help with MAC, but at least I could talk to him...
<mr_nordy> MIckey: which king's x
<AServant7> Maybe help him not get frustrated
<LostSwirly> This isn't King's X IRC, but Tapehead is awesome.
<JeniMae> Mickeyvee - At least I'm not the only one listening to something not Terry!  I'm listening to Tyminkon
<JeniMae> well that's not spelled right.
<mickeyvee> nordy: well, i've MP3'd everything i like by them. right now it's 'mission.'
<JeniMae> Most of my Terry stuff is at work
<AServant7> I'm listening to the music in my head
<AServant7> pretty frightening
<mickeyvee> jeni: cool. i only have a couple of his albums. never really listened to them much.
<JawaHutt> What other crabtree?
<dctwink2> I'm listening to music in your head . . .
* daveway is listening to Horrendous Disc on wonderful vinyl!!
<dctwink2> more frightening . . .
<JawaHutt> Is there more than one Crabtree here?
<mickeyvee> lost: yep, Tape Head kicks major booty.
<AServant7> David !!  Get out of my HEAD!!!
<dctwink2> ya ha ha!!!
<LostSwirly> Mick: I think it could be their best.
<AServant7> We all need a life
<jimb> Anywhere near Over My Head?
<mr_nordy> LS: Gretchen is the best!
<mickeyvee> lost: sacrilege (: it's def their best since, perhaps, gretchen. nothing is better than gretchen, tho.
<AServant7> AGreed!
<AServant7> Gretchen is the best
<mickeyvee> jimb: well, i have that mp3'd as well.
<JeniMae> Mickeyvee - a *couple* of his albums??  I only have the one!  What are the others?  I didn't know he had others!
<dctwink2> No, someone was asking about another Crabtree . . .
<JawaHutt> I wish I were an Oscar Meyer weiner...
<Lostdog> seems he's doing something else right now.. i haven't heard from him in a couple min...  There we go
<LostSwirly> MN & Mick: I said it could be, but then again, I like Ear Candy.
<JawaHutt> What other Crabtree?
<dctwink2> When I said 'hey Crabtree'
<Lostdog> Terryorama: It's downloading, but it's taking forever
<dctwink2> after I said it, I mean . . .
*** Signoff: miniature_man (Dead Socket)
<jimb> MV: That was one great song...
<mickeyvee> jeni: well, there is the whole DA set. then there is the rev. daniel taylor something or another, a briefing for the ascent, and something else.
<dctwink2> Next song:  When The Morning Comes by the Choir
<daveway> Tell Terry..there's millions of us praying that things will be alright.
*** miniature_man (dbailey@pm2-2.ro.com) has joined channel #DADL
<mickeyvee> lost: hey, EC is a good album. doesn't hold a candle to tape head, tho.
<Lostdog> while it is downloading, should I take some questions?
<AServant7> Jeni:  Knowledge and Innocence
<JawaHutt> What Crabtree you talking about then?
<DAne> whay a mac?
<DAne> haha
<dctwink2> Take some questions . . .
<mickeyvee> jimb: heck yeah it is (: have you heard the live version on the best of album?
<JawaHutt> I'm getting lost...
<Egnix> yes take questions
<mickeyvee> servant: yep, that's right. i have that on vinyl.
<LostSwirly> Mick: I really like all of them, and PH & ML
<RealMcCoy> Ask Terry: When will we get a new DA album?
<AServant7> What does HE want to ask us, Link?
<dctwink2> Here's a question:  What have you been producing lately?
<JeniMae> Aservant7 - I have that.  I thought Mickeyvee was saying Thyminkon has more than one album
<mickeyvee> lost: ditto that. have you heard platypus?
* JawaHutt says "I am soooooooooo Confused !!"
<mr_nordy> Ld: Terry, how do you respond to the charge that your music is esoteric?
<Egnix> question - new DA album? ideas, ready to record, what?
<jimb> MV: Haven't had the pleasure.
<AServant7> My daughter has the platypus beanie baby
<JawaHutt> NO!!!  Ask Terry to ask Camarillo:  What happened to that SE album?!?!?!
<LostSwirly> Mick: only clips of Platy, but love what I have heard.
<Lostdog> ok.. Ok guys..   In order to do this, I'm going to have to ask for little talk in here
<mickeyvee> jimb: doug uses the queen mother of all swearwords in it. it's actually a pretty stirring sermon.
<mickeyvee> servant: hey, yer halfway there!
<AServant7> lol
<mickeyvee> lost: yeah, ty really lets it rip on it. i believe the US release is in january.
<Lostdog> everyone, type /join #dadl-ot
* AServant7 is a big TY TABOR fan, too
*** mr_flutter (rgray09@206-160-13.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #DADL
<Lostdog> that way there is a place for non-question discussion.. :)
<LostSwirly> Mick: Can't wait, Has anyone listened to the new Frank Black release?
* JawaHutt 6offers candy 15,15.5,5.5,4.40,5TootsieRoll4 15,15l4,4l 4Dentyne 4,4l15,15l 15,15-12,12---0,12TUMS12,12---15,15- 15,15.0,4 Big*Red 15,15.15,15.1,7 Spearmint 15,15. 15,15.15,4 Krackel 15,15. 15,15l4,8mrGoodbar15,15l 15,15.0,2 PEP-O-MINT 15,15. 15,15.0,5 HERSHEY'S 15,15. 15,15l1,8<~Juicy-Fruit~>15,15l 15,15l4,9<~DoubleMint~> 6to... 4 Lostdog 
<DAne> i saw Frank Black
<DAne> he was awesome
<MrProfanity> eh...
<JawaHutt> Maybe that can get me op status!!!
<JawaHutt> Bribery!!!  c);-)
<mickeyvee> lost: if you can't wait, order it from www.cdeurope.com.
<LostSwirly> Mick: I will wait, anticipation!
<daveway> lostdog what is the status?
<dctwink2> I'm interesting in finding out what Terry has been producing lately . . .
<LostSwirly> God bless group, have to run!
*** LostSwirly has left channel #dadl
<jimb> I'd just like to thank Terry for coming to Baton Rouge a few years ago.
<dctwink2> I'd like to thank Terry's parents for having him . . .
<Lostdog> JOIN #DADL-OT
<JeniMae> I'll take Big Red
<jimb> Love it!
<daveway> lost dog..what is the status?
<AServant7> 4,1(`º´)         13_________   _ 4,1(`º´)
<AServant7> 4,1 ·.· 13,1|\     /|\__   __/  ( ) 4,1·.·
<AServant7> 4,1(`º´)13| )   ( |   ) (     | |4(`º´)
<AServant7> 4,1 ·.· 13| (___) |   | |     | | 4·.·
<AServant7> 4,1(`º´)13|  ___  |   | |     | |4(`º´)
<AServant7> 4,1 ·.· 13| (   ) |   | |     (_) 4·.·
<AServant7> 4,1(`º´)13| )   ( |___) (___   _ 4(`º´)
<AServant7> 4,1 ·.· 13|/     \|\_______/  (_) 4·.·
<AServant7> 4,1(`º´)     11  AServant7       4(`º´)
<AServant7> 4,1 ·.·13Glad you could be with us4·.·
<miniature_man> I still don't see Terry
<AServant7> Just giving JawaHutt a run for his money
* JawaHutt 12hands AServant7 4a 3bowl 2of 10Lucky 3Charms 3§4©5¨7q13*12u3O
<RealMcCoy> let's yield the floor to lost dog...
<JawaHutt> ..........13,0(Y)
<JawaHutt> 0,0.........13,0(12°13-12°13)
<JawaHutt> 13()14[1,1***0,14Energizer0,013()
<JawaHutt> 0,0.......13,0(_)-(_)
<JawaHutt> 12 AServant7 4keeps 1Going 14And 3Going 4[Lets 3go 12take 13out 10 AServant7 `s 12Batteries]
<AServant7> WHO?
<AServant7> :-}
<jimb> Woo hoo! (Whoa nelly!)
<Lostdog> OK.. it's getting quiet here.. We can start.. :)
<mr_nordy> C)>:-)
<dctwink2> ProducSHUN??
<JawaHutt> Ok...  I didn't see what you had before... I can see that "Hi!" with Courier...
<mickeyvee> you aren't supposed to see anybody.
<mickeyvee> (:
<Lostdog> If you want to talk about other things as well, /join dadl-ot
<dctwink2> Mr. Sharkey wrote all over him with disappearing ink . . .
<Lostdog> this channel will be used for questions and responses only
<DAne> ask terry what his favorite episode of the Simpsons is
<dctwink2> and Terry disappeared with the ink . ..
<AServant7> Link, is Terry going to make it?
* JawaHutt is starting to get pretty bored just waiting and waiting and waiting...
<JeniMae> I get No such channel when I try that
*** JawaHutt is now known as Kloppenhomwinwitz
<mickeyvee> is that link, brother of rev. phool?
<Lostdog> We're working on it.. Until then, I am going to act as moderator and pass words back and forth
* DAne yawns profusely
<dctwink2> Link Hearthrob?
<daveway> what?
<Lostdog> Ready?   First question
<AServant7> Jeni, type /join #DADL-OT
<Lostdog> Wait
<dctwink2> Wht has Terry been producing lately?
* Kloppenhomwinwitz types randomly.  "Wovimn30920mnvd; kfmwo0e89vj."
<AServant7> lol
<Kloppenhomwinwitz> Last I heard, Mothman.
<daveway> good question.
* DAne slaps Kloppenhomwinwitz around a bit with a large trout
<Kloppenhomwinwitz> But where is that SWIRLING EDDIES ALBUM?!?!?!?!
<AServant7> You mean there was more than one episode?
<Egnix> mothman score is done
<Lostdog> please join #dadl-ot and not post stuff in here that isn't a question.. :)
* Kloppenhomwinwitz throws10 DAne 4in the lake -> 11,2..·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`· 8 ><((((º>4 DAne  8<º))))><11 .·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸8><((((º>4 DAne   8<º))))><11.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸.·´¯`·.¸8 ><((((º> 4 DAne 8<º))))><11.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸.·´¯`·.¸ ¸.·´¯`·.¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸ 8><((((º>4 DAne 8 <º))))><11 .·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·...9,2 Hope you can swim!!
<Lostdog> the first question has been sent.. :)
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Sounds like a plan..Actually i haven't produced anything in some time..my next co-production is scheduled for Dec.
* DAne is spinning, he's swirling, a swirling eddy....
<DRiNDUSTR> I have one!!!
<dctwink2> Thank you lostdog! and thank you Terry!
<Voice_Of_Objective_Truth> ask what it is!
<DRiNDUSTR> Has he considered KMG for the Lost Dogs?
<DAne> what sound like a plan? huh? huh? huh?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: It's a group out of Phoenix called "Straw Theory"
<Egnix> new da album plans?
<Kloppenhomwinwitz> Whooooaaaahhh  Nnellllyyyyy!!!
*** actstud (actstud@hou-tx92-32.ix.netcom.com) has joined channel #DADL
<DRiNDUSTR> as in label signing?
<daveway> are they christian or mainstream?
<MPrinsen> I'd like to ask Terry, "when DA records, how much do the other players contribute to the music, does the music change much from what TST originally wrote?
* mr_nordy *What will OPFWFH volume 2 look like?
<Lostdog> Good question mark.. that's next
*** Mac (spotjon@ has joined channel #DADL
<mr_flutter> why is mr sharkey on OPFWFH?
<Egnix> (I think we're getting a backlog of qeustions)
* daveway wants to know why is Terry doing all the singing lately.
<MPrinsen> Hey, KLoppenhormskdjj or whatever, go take your medicine or something
*** Mac is now known as Guest67786
*** DADLCraig (myDADLmail@174-228-79.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #DADL
<Lostdog> please guys.. keep the noise down in this room... :)  Otherwise I'm going to miss questions..
<jimb> Ask if a date has been set to go into the studio for the next DA album?
<Kloppenhomwinwitz> It's Kloppenhomwinwitz!!!  One of the Feh boys!!!
<Lostdog> If you have a question, please wait until the previous one is answered.. :)
<daveway> lets' go down the list lostdog..one at a time.
<jimb> oops, sorry.
<Lostdog> we are.. it's too much right now..
<daveway> start from the top. and no friggen name changes.
<Kloppenhomwinwitz> Brother of Kloppenhomwinwitz, Kloppenhomwinwitz, Kloppenhomwinwitz, Kloppenhomwinwitz, Klee, and the others!!!
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Great question and somewhat difficult to answer. The basic melody and structure stays somewhat the same, but when you have someone like Chandler playing bass, the song takes on a whole new ambience
<MPrinsen> Can everybody SHUT UP!!!!,  Lost Dog is taking questions and responding with TST's replies.  That's why we're here right??
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Each guy is unique and lends his own special "color" to the song
<rexsonja> Losdog: Ask Terry if he has any new literary influences in his writing.
<daveway> lostdog  - are you picing to see who asks the next question?
<AServant7> Ask him, When will he work with Kerry Livgren ?
<Lostdog> Next Question by Aservert..
<AServant7> Aservert?
<Lostdog> close enough.. :)
<Kloppenhomwinwitz> Lostdog:  Ask him if "Rroy Al" in The NeverHoOd Chronicles was a reference to Berger!!!  (Or, I could ask him myself...)
<JeniMae> *L*
<AServant7> lol
<DAne> Aapervert?
*** Mode change "+o mickeyvee" on channel #dadl by Lostdog
<Lostdog> We're going to go to a moderated system  Mickeyvee will explain
<DAne> oh , who died and made mickeyvee moderator?
*** Signoff: Voice_Of_Objective_Truth (Connection reset by peer)
<daveway> is terry still trying to get on?
<Kloppenhomwinwitz> Mickey!  You've got some 'splainin' to do!!!
*** Mode change "+m" on channel #dadl by mickeyvee
<mickeyvee> i'm going to go alphabetically through the nick list and give 'voice' to people in the list so they can ask their question.
<mickeyvee> one at a time, of course.
*** Mr (rwtowry@ has joined channel #DADL
*** Lostdog has set the topic: "Terry Scott Taylor Chat NOW!!  type /msg mickeyvee Help for info"
*** Lostdog has set the topic: Terry Scott Taylor Chat NOW!!  type /msg mickeyvee Help for info
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I've only spoken briefly with Kerry on the phone. He's a big fan of my music, and i have great respect for him. He's also a genuinely sweet person.
*** Mode change "+v actstud" on channel #dadl by mickeyvee
*** mowtoe (mowtoe@ has joined channel #DADL
*** Signoff: Mr (Killed (viper.mo.us.dal.net (stlouis.mo.us.dal.net <- stlouis.mo.us.dal.net[])))
<mickeyvee> actstud: please ask your question, if you have one.
<Lostdog> First of all.. If anyone wants to chat while this is going on, "/join #dadl-ot" for the general chat channel
*** Kloppenhomwinwitz is now known as JawaHutt
<actstud> no question - just wanna tell Terry "Thanks" for all his music means to me. Sounds corny, but true. God Bless Camarillo!
*** Mr (rwtowry@ has joined channel #DADL
*** Signoff: MrProfanity (Connection reset by peer)
<Lostdog> Actstud: Message sent
*** Mode change "-v actstud" on channel #dadl by mickeyvee
<Lostdog> Linko: ActStud has no question, just wants to say "Thanks" for all your music means to him. God Bless Camarillo
<Lostdog> Terryorama: ActStud..thank you so very very much
*** Mode change "+v argoneon" on channel #dadl by mickeyvee
<Lostdog> Next
<mickeyvee> argoneon: please ask your question.
<argoneon> i want to ask about the future of the lost dogs and if there are any plans for a nother record
<mickeyvee> i'll do this in batches.
*** Mode change "+v AServant7" on channel #dadl by mickeyvee
*** Mode change "+v DADLCraig" on channel #dadl by mickeyvee
<DADLCraig> Have you ever considered updating "Rocket Packs" for the new millenium?
<AServant7> I think I already had my turn
<mickeyvee> aservant: well, nows your chance to cheat!
<AServant7> lol
<AServant7> When will Terry write, or finish, his autobiography...
*** Mode change "-vvv argoneon AServant7 DADLCraig" on channel #dadl by mickeyvee
*** Signoff: rexsonja (Quit: Leaving)
<Lostdog> Terryorama: We love making music together, so i would say that there WILL be another record. "When" is another matter. I have no idea.
<Lostdog> Linko: Craig wants to know if you've ever considered updating "Rocket Packs" for the new millenium as in "It's 2000, where's our rocket packs"?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Never thought of it until Craig brought it up. Sounds like a lousy idea :)
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I'm kiddin' ya buddy
*** Mode change "+vv daveway dctwink2" on channel #dadl by mickeyvee
*** Mode change "+v DAne" on channel #dadl by mickeyvee
<daveway> who wants to go first?
<dctwink2> I hate to be honest, but I already got a question in . . .:-)
<DAne> Where'd the name the Swirling Eddies come from?
<daveway> DAne you're alphabetically so go ahead.
<mickeyvee> dct: that's alright. go ahead.
<mickeyvee> y'all can ask at once. lostdog is keeping track.
<dctwink2> okay . . . "have you officially been invited to C-stone '99 and if so, what would the makeup of the band be?
<Lostdog> Linko: AServant7 wants to know when you will write/finish your autobiography?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Probably on the day of the rapture. But I am working on it.."when" it will be complete is the million dollar question. I hope in the not to distant future
<daveway> Kennedy had the lone gunman theory, but lately it seems that you (Terry) are doing all the vocals for Swirling Eddies and Daniel Amos. Is there are reason for that?
*** Mode change "-vvv DAne daveway dctwink2" on channel #dadl by mickeyvee
*** Voice_Of_Objective_Truth (~tvot@AS52-23-121.cas-kit.golden.net) has joined channel #DADL
<Lostdog> Linko: Dane: Where did the name "The Swirling Eddies" come from?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: From a weather report..a swirling eddy is a weather condition. I believe that Chandler suggested it
<Lostdog> Linko: dctwink2: Have you officially been invited to C-Stone '99 and if so, what would the makeup of the band be?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I have not as of yet been asked to perform
*** Guest19793 is lost - (viper.mo.us.dal.net recluse.fl.us.dal.net)
*** MrProfanity (audiori@winch-as1-46.win.org) has joined channel #DADL
<Lostdog> asking Daveway's question
<mickeyvee> i think this would be easier if everybody /msg'd me their question.
<mickeyvee> cuz people can join and leave the channel.
<Lostdog> Linko: Daveway: Kennedy had the lone gunman theory, but lately it seems that you are doing all the vocals for the Swirling Eddies and Daniel Amos. Is there a Reason for that?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: It's easier than teaching everyone else the parts..plus it's a lot of fun
<Lostdog> but msging doesn't let everyone else see the question
<mickeyvee> i'll put the question in the channel.
<mickeyvee> or not. doesn't matter to me.
<Lostdog> Ok.. that'll work
<mickeyvee> alright everybody. MSG your questions to me now.
*** Signoff: dctwink2 (Quit: Leaving)
*** mickeyvee has set the topic: "Terry Scott Taylor Chat NOW. /msg mickeyvee with your questions."
*** mickeyvee has set the topic: Terry Scott Taylor Chat NOW. /msg mickeyvee with your questions.
<Lostdog> although that just means it has to be typed out twice.. :)
<mickeyvee> i can paster (:
<mickeyvee> er, paste.
<mickeyvee> i'm gonna go in the order of reception.
<mickeyvee> <jimb> I loved the band sound Daniel Amos captured on Songs of the Heart(...Hats, etc). Do you see the group continuing in this direction sonically on the next project?
*** Johne (cook@jvlpm8148.ticon.net) has joined channel #DADL
<Lostdog> jimb's question asked
<mickeyvee> i have alot.
*** Guest19793 (kemprlj@209-209-18-77.lax.jps.net) is back
<Lostdog> Linko: Jimb: I loved the band sound DA captured on Songs of the Heart (...Hats, etc.) Do you see the group continuing in this direction sonically on the next project?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I never like to paint the band into a corner. I like the 'S of the H' direction as well, but the band thrives on surprising itself and the fans with new directions..so we'll see
<Lostdog> next
<mickeyvee> <Egnix> Tom (Gulotta) has mention a number of times that Terry wants to do a new DA album - what's the latest on that?
*** spoonboy (NOPSO@ has joined channel #DADL
<mickeyvee> in the queue: daveway, guest67786, realmccoy, drindustr, jenimae, mr_flutter, jawahutt, aswervant7, actstud, & mr_nordy.
*** Guest99520 (~mlrc5.41@ has joined channel #DADL
<mickeyvee> if your nick isn't in that list, please /msg your question to me.
<Lostdog> while that's being asked, next question
<mickeyvee> alright.
<Lostdog> Linko: Egnix: Tom Gulotta has mentioned a number of times that you want to do a new DA album. What's the latest on that?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Well, we don't have a label as of yet. We'd like to do it on "Stunt" but it would take personal financing, which is a difficulty
<mickeyvee> <Egnix> Tom (Gulotta) has mention a number of times that Terry wants to do a new DA album - what's the latest on that?
<Lostdog> just answered that one.. :)
<mickeyvee> whoops sorry i scrood up there.
<mickeyvee> <daveway> when will the skullmonkey soundtrack be released??
<mickeyvee> <daveway> when will the skullmonkey soundtrack be released??
<mickeyvee> doggoneit.
<mickeyvee> <Guest67786> "When will the Skullmonkeys soundtrack come out?"
<mickeyvee> two people, same question.
<Lostdog> ok.. asked.. next question?
<mickeyvee> <RealMcCoy> How did you like working with Phil Keaggy on Surfonic?
<Lostdog> Linko: Daveway: When will the skullmonky soundtrack be released?
<Lostdog> Linko: Guest67786 has the same question
<Lostdog> Terryorama: There is talk about it, but no current plans to release it. Like you, I'm waiting to find out.
*** Signoff: AServant7 (Connection reset by peer)
<Lostdog> Linko: RealMcCoy: How did you like working with Phil Keaggy on Surfonic?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Actually Phil and I only talked on the phone. I sent him ADATS of the stuff and he put his guitar down on one of the tracts and sent it back to me in Calif.
<mickeyvee> <DRiNDUSTR> I just saw Mike Roe, and he didn't know what was up with the Dogs either.  Since Terry is working with KMG now, has he considered doing a record deal with KMG for the Dogs?
*** elvite (jchapman@nic-c12-226.mw.mediaone.net) has joined channel #DADL
<Lostdog> Terryorama: He recorded the guitar in Nashville
<mickeyvee> <JeniMae> Not a question, just want to tell him something. My 6 year old son goes to work with me everyday and we have a big tv and vcr in our office. He loves it when I put in the tape from your cstone 1998 concert. He gets his toy guitar and plays and dances and sings during the tape. It's his favorite video.
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<Lostdog> Linko: DrIndustr: I just saw Mike Roe, and he didn't know what was up with the Dogs either. Since you are with KMG now, have you considered doing a record deal with KMG for the Dogs?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I have. Unfortunately I don't have the power at KMG to "make the deal." So far they have "passed" on the Dogs.
<Lostdog> Linko: JeniMae: No question, My year old son goes to work with me everyday and we have a big tv and vcr in our office. He loves it when I put in the tape from your cornerstone 1998 concert. He gets his toy guitar and plays and dances and sings during the tape. It's his favorite video.
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I'll pray for him
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Just kidding. That's very sweet
<mickeyvee> <mr_flutter> Does Stunt have anymore "bootlegs" that might get released?
<Lostdog> More questions?
<Lostdog> :0
<mickeyvee> <JawaHutt> What happened to that Swirling Eddies album that was supposed to be out last year?
<mickeyvee> <JawaHutt> Are you going to do a follow-up to Surfonic, maybe with another style instead, like polka (This would be great for another Swirling Eddies song!)?
<mickeyvee> got plenty more.
<Lostdog> ok.. keep flowing, but not flooding. :)
<mickeyvee> in the queue: aservant7, daveway,actstud,mr_nordy,johne,daveway,mrprofanity,egnix,mowtoe,spoonboy,realmccoy.
<mickeyvee> if you don't see your nick in that list, please /msg your questions to me. thanks.
<mickeyvee> i'm trying to keep a log, too.
<mickeyvee> i stress trying.
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<Lostdog> I'm logging both channels, plus the terry chat
*** AServant7 (~mwatso02@ has joined channel #DADL
<Lostdog> inko: MrFlutter: Does Stunt have anymore "bootlegs" that might get released?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Tom G. is the keeper of the vaults, so it would be best to ask him. I believe there are still some things yet to appear.
<Lostdog> Linko: You think he'd be interested in joining us for a chat sometime?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I know he'd love to.
<mickeyvee> two touring questions:
<mickeyvee> <AServant7> Any plans to tour with DA... EVER???
<mickeyvee> <daveway> Will Daniel Amos ever tour the east coast..you can stay at my house.
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*** Lostdog has set the topic: "Terry Scott Taylor Chat NOW. /msg mickeyvee with your questions. /join #dadl-ot for chat"
*** Lostdog has set the topic: Terry Scott Taylor Chat NOW. /msg mickeyvee with your questions. /join #dadl-ot for chat
<Lostdog> Linko: Jawahutt: What happened to that Swirling Eddies album that was supposed to be out last year?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I'm not sure I know which project you are talking about. We had no plans for an Eddies album last year, unless you're referring to Sacred Cows
*** pining (gwgrant@ has joined channel #DADL
<Lostdog> Linko: Jawahutt: Are you going to do a followup to Surfonic, maybe with another style instead, like polka? (this would be great for another SE song!)
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Hmmmm..a Christian polka album...now there's a big seller
<mickeyvee> <actstud> On the cover of FS, is that a naked guy doing situps, as someone on DADL has suggested? :) If not, is there a more precise meaning?
<Lostdog> my question is next.. :)
<Lostdog> in reference to the SE album,
<Lostdog> Linko: in reference to the SE album, I believe the Stunt homepage at one time said something about it, but maybe that was just wishful thinking... Any chance for a new SE album?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I certainly hope so.
*** Johne (cook@jvlpm8148.ticon.net) is back
<Lostdog> Linko: Aservant7: Any plans to tour with DA... EVER???
<Lostdog> Linko: daveway: Will DA ever tour the east coast... You can stay at my house!
<Lostdog> Terryorama: No current plans..but it certainly isn't out of the question. I would love to do it.
<mickeyvee> in the queue: mr_nordy, johne, daveway, mrprofanity, egnix, mowtoe, spoonboy, realmccoy, actstud, mprinsen, drindustr, jimb, guest99520, aservant7, dane.
<mickeyvee> if you don't see your nick in that list, /msg your question to me. thanks.
<Lostdog> next question
<Lostdog> Linko: Actstud: On the cover of Fearful Symmetry, is that a naked guy doing situps, as someone on DADL suggested?? :)  If not, is there a more precise meaning?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: He isn't doing situps, that much is certain. It's a piece of art depicting the 'symmetry' of the human form, beyond that I think it speaks for itself.
<mickeyvee> <mr_nordy> Will KMG re-release DFBB, FS, LS, & OE soon?
<Lostdog> Terry Says another 10 minutes or so of questions....  Mickey, give me the best!
*** Guest19793 (kemprlj@209-209-18-77.lax.jps.net) is back
<mickeyvee> man people are gonna be mad.
<Lostdog> the rest can be submitted via email....
<Lostdog> Linko: Mr_Nordy: Will KMG re-release DFBB, FS, LS, & OE soon?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Soon ? I can't say. Will they release EVERYTHING on your list ? That's not my call
<Lostdog> Linko: What's the status of Mothman?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: It's been entered in several indie film festivals for consideration. We're still waiting for feedback.
*** mickeyvee has set the topic: "Terry Scott Taylor Chat NOW. questioning has been CLOSED."
*** mickeyvee has set the topic: Terry Scott Taylor Chat NOW. questioning has been CLOSED.
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<Lostdog> Linko: <Johne> Is is just me or is the band chock-fulla-virtuosos?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Johne..it's just you
<Lostdog> We are still answering questions, but no new ones will be taken
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<Lostdog> Linko: <daveway> how much money does it take to finance a recording...
<Lostdog> Terryorama: That's a tough question. It depends on the album. Some records have been recorded for next to nothing. Average is $13,000-$25,000 dollars..unless you're Carmen.
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<Lostdog> Linko: <MrProfanity> Does he have any thoughts on Scarlet Staircase, Cardboard scheme, Terry Tim & Doug, Copperbrick Window, Judge Rainbow, Jubal's Last Band, etc?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Any thoughts ? Oh yes. and lot's of memorys.
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Who is this ?
<Lostdog> Linko: One of the Audiori Brothers...
<Lostdog> Terryorama: How do you know so much about my infamous past ?
<Lostdog> MrProfanity, please /msg me privately to keep this one alive
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<Lostdog> Linko: <Egnix> if it gets back to me - can Terry elaborate on the new DA  record - are songs written, etc?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: There are no IMMEDIATE plans for a DA record, so no the songs have not been written
<Lostdog> In regards to MrProfanity: Terryorama: Wow. that's great !
<Lostdog> he's still willing to keep going for a while!!!
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<mickeyvee> is that all the questions?
<Lostdog> not all yet..
<Lostdog> We're still answering here.. :)
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<mickeyvee> cool.
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*** Lostdog has set the topic: "Terry Scott Taylor Chat NOW. questioning has been CLOSED.   /join #DADL-OT for chat"
*** Lostdog has set the topic: Terry Scott Taylor Chat NOW. questioning has been CLOSED.   /join #DADL-OT for chat
<Lostdog> Linko: <MrProfanity> ask him if he has copies if the tapes.... I don't think we've ever asked...
<Lostdog> Terryorama: What tapes ?
<Lostdog> Linko: in regards to the previous comment about carlet Staircase, Cardboard scheme, Terry Tim & Doug, Copperbrick Window, Judge Rainbow, Jubal's Last Band, etc I assume..
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I wasn't in Copperbrick Window. there aren't any recordings (to my knowledge) of Scarlet S.And, yes, i do have recordings of the others
<Lostdog> Linko: <mowtoe> I think that you mentioned on the Motorcycle tracks CD an idea of doing a compilation CD of the "wierder" DA numbers. i.e. Traps Ensnares & Autographs.. Will you still do that?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: When we do a box set, I think such a collection would be appropriate.
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<Lostdog> Linko: <spoonboy> Outside the studio, what's on TST's turntable/CD player these days?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Nat Cole
<Lostdog> Linko: <RealMcCoy> Gary McCoy:Terry: Thanks for answering my e-mail and agreeing to do the chat. Equator and Wonderama are awesome projects you did with Randy Stonehill, any plans to work with him again?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I sure hope to work with Randy again. He's a joy
*** MrProfanity (~audiori@ has joined channel #DADL
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<Lostdog> Linko: <actstud> Any hope of an Alarma Box from KMG (or anyone else)? I won't ask about "you know which album".
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Again, we are very hopeful that a box set will eventually come out, through KMG or another source
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<Lostdog> Linko: <MPrinsen> "Question: What album is the "Shark guy" supposed to represent on the Greatest Hits record?"
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Do you mean the song "Mr. Sharky" ?
<Lostdog> Linko: On the personal favorite world hits, there is a picture of a shark-man.. Is that supposed to be Mr. Sharky? And if so, Does this foreshadow the second in the series to be a SE compilation?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Believe it or not, I haven't seen the greatest hits record yet, so I can't answer your question
*** elvite2 is now known as elvite
<Lostdog> Linko: <MPrinsen> "Question: How much does money interfere with Daniel Amos recording a new record?  As opposed to getting the guys together, or having material to record."
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Everyone has families and responsibilitys, so obviously no one can work for free. We are friends, however, and money has nothing to do with our friendship
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Everyone has families and responsibilitys, so obviously no one can work for free. We are friends, however, and money has nothing to do with our friendship
<Lostdog> Terryorama: We are open to doing gigs.
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<Lostdog> Linko: Anything anywhere coming up?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: A couple of things are in the works, but I can't make any announcements at present
<Lostdog> Linko: <MPrinsen> Question: Did you ever recover your stolen Rickenbaker guitar?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Nope
<Lostdog> Linko: <MPrinsen> Question: Have you ever gone to school with your kids during "This is what my Dad does for a living" day?  What do your kids think
<Lostdog> about your music?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Haven't had the pleasure, except to play for my wife's pre school kids. My daughter loves all of my music, my son some of it.
<Lostdog> Linko: <DRiNDUSTR> outta curiousity, does he have old DA discs that aren't available elsewhere?  I know Gene Eugene had some 10 Songs discs not too long back...just curoius
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I don't have any such discs
*** daTIM (cyber_stoo@p163.amax19.dialup.ftw1.flash.net) has joined channel #DADL
<Lostdog> Linko: <jimb> I know life's duties do sometimes intervene, but do you think that the other members are in a position to continue their work with DA
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I think since the work is not demanding year round, it's much easier for most of the guys to participate on some level
<Lostdog> Linko: <Guest99520> why put twilight love on the greatest hits? don't you have any studio left overs?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I'm sorry the song doesn't appeal to you. I rather like it myself :)
<Lostdog> Terryorama: It was meant as a bonus track, NOT a greatest hit
<Lostdog> Linko: <AServant7> Will we ever see another Lost Dogs album with all four members? (If I missed the answer earlier, forgive me)
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Lost Dogs..I believe you will
<Lostdog> Linko: <DAne> Any notable reactions by the original artists to the Sacred Cows songs?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Dana Key of Degarmo and Key apparently told someone that he knew that D&K shouldn't have recorded "I love the J word"
*** Snakker (Snak@pn15-ppp-147.primary.net) has joined channel #DADL
<Lostdog> Linko: <daveway> will a box set ever be a possibility with pictures and all the fixings?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Dave..yes
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Linko..I've got to run
<Lostdog> Linko: Ok.. I'll send the remaining in email
<Lostdog> Linko: Thanks for doing this, we'll have to try again another time!
<Lostdog> Terryorama: God bless you all and thank you for being so kind. I've really enjoyed this
<Lostdog> Linko: So long... God Bless.
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Let's do it again soon
<Lostdog> Linko: Ok.. We'll talk through email I'm sure.. :)
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Bye
<Lostdog> Linko: Bye!
<Lostdog> Linko: and thanks again
<mickeyvee> i'm going to unmoderate the channel.
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<JawaHutt> Yay!!!  We can talk!!!
<DADLCraig> Very cool, huh?
<JawaHutt> I still say he should do a polka album!!!
<elvite> I missed the first hour of the chat. Did Terry have anything to say about Horrendous Disc on CD?
<Lostdog> Ok guys.. If you have any more questions, /msg them to me now!  I will send them all to terry in email
<Voice_Of_Objective_Truth> but I'm going to bed... g'night
<DAne> elvite: no
*** Voice_Of_Objective_Truth has left channel #dadl
<DAne> see y'all later
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<daTIM> Who's voot?
<Johne> cya
*** actstud has left channel #dadl
<daveway> no he didn't
<spoonboy> Think HD is a lost cause, unless Larry's serious about that Solid Rock 20-year retrospective.
*** Mode change "-o mickeyvee" on channel #dadl by mickeyvee
<elvite> How will I know what his response was to my question that you are emailing him? Will his answers be posted on the DA website?
<JawaHutt> I better go to...  Live long and polka!
*** Signoff: JawaHutt (Quit: Get Christian Command v3.00 at http://www.bornagain.net/cc/)
*** mr_flutter (rgray09@166-114-81.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #DADL
<Lostdog> Are you a member of the DADL?
<mickeyvee> dadlcraig, daveway, mprinsen: i sent your extra questions to lostdog already.
<Egnix> if anyone's interested - I'll have the full and edited (question/answer) chat log on my page tomorrow morning
<daTIM> Thanks, Kevin
<Lostdog> I will post to DADL, Kevin might post to the web site, and I'll stick it on my ftp site...
<Lostdog> ANY MORE QUESTIONS?!?!   last chance!
<jimb> Goodnight all.
<mickeyvee> lostdog: if you send me the goods, i can post to RMC.
*** jimb has left channel #dadl
<daTIM> Who was the "voice of obj truth"?
<Egnix> I'll tack on whatever Link has to add
<memorylane> What is the myster spot?
<memorylane> mystery spot?
<elvite> I tried to get on the DADL about a half year ago and it wasn't working.
<spoonboy> Egnix, what's that URL again?  Oh, and boxers or briefs?
<Lostdog> Mickey: email me about them.. link@spu.edu  Otherwise I'll forget. :)
<mickeyvee> alright.
<Lostdog> it works now.. :)
*** Signoff: mr_flutter (Quit: Leaving)
<DRiNDUSTR> hey guys....know how Terry said he had approached KMG about the Dogs?
*** Snakker (Snak@pn15-ppp-147.primary.net) has joined channel #DADL
<mickeyvee> seattle pacific university?
<daTIM> Does anyone know who the "Voice of Objective Truth" was?
<Snakker> sdfgh
<DRiNDUSTR> huh?
<Lostdog> Hey Flutter.. We've just ended the questions
<Lostdog> Yup
<MPrinsen> Now I can say I've been in a "chat".  Big deal!!!!   If only TST would join the DADL.
<memorylane> Lost Dog: he mentions mystery spot twice in his albums, what is the mystery spot?
<mickeyvee> dog: do you know a jennifer rae commons?
<Snakker> hello?
<Lostdog> yes i do
*** Signoff: elvite (Connection reset by peer)
<daTIM> ml: maybe the mystery spot is at "memory lane"???
<Lostdog> not well though
<DADLCraig> VOOT has been on DADL, but I have no idea who he is.
<DRiNDUSTR> lostdog:
*** elvite (~jchapman@nic-c12-226.mw.mediaone.net) has joined channel #DADL
<mickeyvee> dog: how about her husband, sean?
<Lostdog> i don't think so.
<Snakker> hello?
<daTIM> I think I remember his/her name from when I used to IRC several years ago...
<mickeyvee> dog: oh. very interesting. small world.
<Lostdog> Egnix: I've got logs of both chat rooms since noon today, as well as mine and Terry's chat on aol
<daveway> when was kevin talking with terry?
<Egnix> the mystery spot is where water rolls uphill
<Egnix> URL to what?
*** Signoff: MPrinsen (Connection reset by peer)
<elvite> Egnix: By website, do you mean the one at http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/8628/dahome.html
<spoonboy> Thanx, elvite, that's what I was getting at...
<daTIM> How long was Terry on the IRC?
<Lostdog> memory: Send that question to me as /msg
<Egnix> yes
<memorylane> dog: how do I do that?
<mickeyvee> i need to get some sleep.
<Lostdog> Night!  Thanks for the help!  Join DADL!!
<Egnix> link - can you email them to me?
<daTIM> Later, link! Thanks for hosting!!
<mickeyvee> alright. thanks for getting this together, link.
<spoonboy> Thanx to mickeyvee/Lostdog for hosting - great job, guys!!!
<Johne> ditto
*** mickeyvee has left channel #dadl
<memorylane> dog: did I do it right?
<Lostdog> wasn't on IRC, but answering questions through me for 2 hours
*** Signoff: elvite (Connection reset by peer)
<Lostdog> type /msg lostdog <message>
*** elvite (~jchapman@nic-c12-226.mw.mediaone.net) has joined channel #DADL
<daTIM> Cool.  Buncha typing!  :)
*** daveway has left channel #dadl
<Lostdog> Thank you all for showing up.. Next time will be done alot better!  :)
<daTIM> Does AOL software have IRC built in?
<Lostdog> Thanks.. Glad to help out.
<spoonboy> daTIM:  Not my version, unless I've missed something - haven't updated since getting on last year...
*** argoneon is lost - (trapdoor.ca.us.dal.net sodre.fl.us.dal.net)
<Lostdog> Nope
<daTIM> bummer!  ..but not suprised.  AOL's too glitzy.
<daTIM> Folks, I gotta cruise!  It's been fun.
<daTIM> Thanks, again, Lostdog!
<spoonboy> See ya.
*** argoneon (me@cc218687-a.srst1.fl.home.com) is back
<DADLCraig> Au revoir
*** DADLCraig has left channel #dadl
<Egnix> have fun folks, I'm a leavin'
<spoonboy> Zai jian!!!
<Johne> bye, kev!
*** memorylane has left channel #dadl
<daTIM> later, kev
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<spoonboy> Complete this sentence:  You know you're too big a Terry Taylor fan if...
<Lostdog> which is why Terry wasn't on IRC, but relayed through me
*** Mode change "+o Lostdog" on channel #dadl by ChanServ
*** Egnix has left channel #dadl : (AAAaiiii!)
<Lostdog> chow
*** Signoff: mowtoe (Quit: Leaving)
*** elvite (~jchapman@nic-c12-226.mw.mediaone.net) has joined channel #DADL
<spoonboy> Well...  too much excitement here, huh?
<Lostdog> You walpaper your befroom in TST CD liners
<Lostdog> man it's getting late..  plenty of mistypes there.. :)
<spoonboy> S'okay.
<spoonboy> How 'bout if you've figured out that "Autographs For The Sick" is all about you?
<Snakker> if you name your cat after the Swirling Eddies "Spot" like I did!
<spoonboy> Friend of mine had a cat named "Fish" once - not that that has anything to do with anything...
<Snakker> everyone on DADL gave me cat names about 2 months ago.  Spot was the only one I went with
<Lostdog> I think everyone is going to bed.. :)
*** Counter (mcmahonr@ has joined channel #DADL
<spoonboy> I think "Leonidas" was the best cat name I've heard thus far.
*** Counter has left channel #dadl
<Lostdog> chow guys.. Hope you had fun.. Time for me to eat!!!
<spoonboy> Bon apetit!
*** Lostdog is now known as Lostdog[away]
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<Snakker> have fun!  bye!
<Johne> You know what OPFWFH means without looking...
<Snakker> so how was the Q&A on a scale of 1-5?
*** Lostdog[away] has set the topic: "Terry Scott Taylor Chat was a success with only minor problems. "
*** Lostdog[away] has set the topic: Terry Scott Taylor Chat was a success with only minor problems.
* Johne bids everyone good evening...
*** Signoff: argoneon (Quit: fire)
<Snakker>  - but now I'm here!
*** Signoff: Johne (Quit: Leaving)
*** Lostdog[away] has set the topic: "Terry Scott Taylor Chat was a success with only minor problems.  http://listen.to/danielamos for more info"
*** Lostdog[away] has set the topic: Terry Scott Taylor Chat was a success with only minor problems.  http://listen.to/danielamos for more info
<Lostdog[away]> I gave the most names!! :)
<Snakker> yes you did!  And I'm sure spot was one of them!
<Snakker> I actually wrote them all down, and mauled it over for days!
*** AServant7 (mwatso02@ has joined channel #DADL
<spoonboy> Wow, Snakker - you really got me there!!!  What DOES it mean, exactly?
<Snakker> Servant, greetings
<spoonboy> To totally embarrass myself...
<Snakker> what does what mean?
<spoonboy> OPFWFH???
<spoonboy> Sorry, that was Johne and now he's gone.  My bad!!!
<Snakker> I didn't type that one - but it's the greatest hits album
<spoonboy> Guess I'll never know...
<spoonboy> Oh.  Duh!!!
<AServant7> What does what mean?
<spoonboy> I'm trout-slapping myself as we speak.
<Snakker> I think it's Our Personal Favorite World Famous Hits...  But I really need to look
<spoonboy> 'Course I ain't got that one yet.
<Snakker> I do.  Cool cover
<Snakker> DR.  hello
<spoonboy> Agreed - hard to believe TST hasn't seen it yet...
*** elvite (~jchapman@ has joined channel #DADL
<elvite> # Appears as XENO
<AServant7> Our Personal Favorite World Famous Hits - OPFWFH
<Snakker> So how was the TST Q& A?  I missed it!
<spoonboy> Well - THAT's different (Get it?  XENO="different"...  I kill me!)
<spoonboy> Q&A was hokay-dokay.
<spoonboy> I hear it'll be on-line at 'A Page For Mr. Amos' soon...
<Snakker> any hot news?
<spoonboy> Boxers, not briefs.  Other than that, no major revelations in the 2nd half (missed the 1st).
<Snakker> So your making me wait?
<spoonboy> Anticipation...
<Snakker> I fought w/ these lousy IRC programs all night for this?!?
<spoonboy> (Sung in best Carly Simon impression...)
<Snakker> ;)
<spoonboy> TST sez no immediate plans for a DA project...
<Snakker> More Farm Beetles?
<Snakker> More Rap Sures?
<spoonboy> But they'll play in your backyard for free (just joking)
<Snakker> Skull Monkeys CD?
<spoonboy> Skull Monkeys - Up in the air.
<spoonboy> The CD, that is..
<Snakker> yes.
*** AServant7 has left channel #dadl
<spoonboy> Bye, Servant.
<Snakker> How bout SE?
<spoonboy> No word - he says he hopes so sometime.
<Snakker> spoonboy who are you on DADL?
<spoonboy> Basically he talked in monosyllables about everything - but it's still cool to gather pearls from the master's keyboard.
<spoonboy> I'm no-one on the list thus far.
<Snakker> Oh, okay.
<Snakker> monosyllables, eh?  Must be the OC air.
<spoonboy> I'm still getting into this cyberbusiness - I'm whatcha call "conservative."
<spoonboy> Got on IRC especially for this event - after fighting off all my friends who kept telling me to do it just to talk to THEM!!!
<Snakker> that's cool.  I did a chat like this a year ago w/ these guys, and they lured me to their DADL...
<spoonboy> I'll investigate it.  Myself, I tend only to like getting personal emails, rather than bulk stuff.
<Snakker> I had a IRC client, but they wanted me to pay $$$ now, since I haven't ever used it since Feb. '97
<spoonboy> We seem to be monopolizing this conversation - anyone else wanna get their feet muddy?
<Snakker> not a bad idea.  I had to set up a separate hotmail account for the DADL stuff.
<Snakker> yeah, people!
<spoonboy> Favorite DA songs?
<spoonboy> Albums?
<spoonboy> Jokes?
<Snakker> hm, guess we put 'em to sleep.
<spoonboy> zzzz...zzzzz....
<Snakker> Fave album:  Darn Floor
<spoonboy> sorry guys
<Snakker> but they're all so good!
<spoonboy> Toss up 'tween HD and Doppelganger for me.
<Snakker> zzzz...zzzxsdguaisfnh
<Snakker> Those are tied w/ the rest of 'em for close seconds
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<Snakker> I can't think of any good TST questions now.
<spoonboy> Not a bad one yet.  I like John Wayne, but it's virtually indistinguishable from latter day DA.
<Snakker> JW was worth the wait!
<spoonboy> Any thoughts as to the background chanting on 'The Whistler' from SA?  Rumor has it they were going "Watermelon, watermelon..."
<Snakker> i don't know about that.  Did someone ask Terry that tonight?
<spoonboy> Just think - TST invests so much time and effort in his lyrics and all we care about is "watermelon, watermelon..."  It's gotta hurt!!!
<spoonboy> Nope, just a random thought.
<Snakker> It's gotta be painful!
<spoonboy> Just like last night's X-files - Painful!  Do you watch?
<Snakker> occationally.  I caught last weeks.  Very cool!
<Snakker> I perfer Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but X-Files is great.
<spoonboy> My literary buddy says the ending (...and then he woke up and realized it was all a dream) was something they tell ya in Lit101 never to do...
<spoonboy> Never watched Buffy...
<spoonboy> Missed the movie too.
<Snakker> It was just "Wizard of Oz'...
<spoonboy> Wreck of the "Lady Garland"
<Snakker> Never saw the Buffy movie.  The show is great fun, though.  Great writing.
<spoonboy> I'll have to check it out.
<spoonboy> MST3K?
<Snakker> I'm a film guy, so I really liked the contious takes & letterboxing the did
<spoonboy> Hitchcock's "Rope"
<spoonboy> Never saw that either... Now I wanna.
<Snakker> MST3K - I don't have cable, so I really don't see it much.  But I really like it, for the most part.
<spoonboy> Terry Gilliam?
<Snakker> my favorite MST3K was "Zombie Nightmare" w/ Adam West
<Snakker> Gilliam rules!  Well, except for that last movie...
<spoonboy> MST3K:  "Mitchell" - on video.
<Snakker> "Fear & Loathing..."  Eeek ghads!  Why, Terry, Why?!?
<spoonboy> Intentionally skipped "Fear and Loathing" - loved "12 Monkeys" though:  Been proselytizing as many people as possible to it...
<Snakker> I actually saw "Mitchell" on video!  Funny!
<spoonboy> My, my, my, my...
<Snakker> I own the widescreen video of it.  "12 Monkeys" is better & better every time you watchit...
<spoonboy> Agreed.
<Snakker> my favorite Gilliam is "Time Bandits", though.
<spoonboy> Prefer "Brazil" myself - appeals to my dark side.
<spoonboy> "Fisher King" was fair to middling, but very pro.
<Snakker> I saw "TB" in the theater when i was in, like, first grade.  Freaked me out!  But I loved it!  Parents haven't been more confused since!
<Snakker> I heard Gilliam was looking at adapting the comic mini series Watchmen.  Read that?
<spoonboy> I actually didn't see any of his flicks till 5 years ago (I'm 32), but was converted instantly.
<Snakker> I'm 25.
<spoonboy> I did read that - he's been considering that one for a while now.  He really wants to get "The Defective Detective" off the ground before anything else, though.
<Snakker> i'm in St. Louis.  Where are you?
<spoonboy> Carbondale, IL - not too far away.  Any musical skills?
<Snakker> DrIndustrial, notEgnix, and miniature are all dead!!!!!
<spoonboy> Must be having dinner with Lostdog.
<Snakker> Me?  Musical skills?  uh, not really.  I host a radio show, though!
<Snakker> It's on WFUN 95.5 FM.  I don't know if that reaches Carbondale...
<spoonboy> I play guitar, bass & mandolin - lead worship in my church, etc.  What's your show?  Not familiar w/WFUN.
<Snakker> cool.  My show is "The Wonder Show".  It's humor, novelty, and fun on Sunday nights.
<spoonboy> Is that a CCM station?
<Snakker> no.  It's a kids station.  My show isn't "Christian", but it's clean & fun.
<Snakker> We talk a lot about Star Wars.
<spoonboy> I think I might have heard that station once on a trip to the airport a few years ago - playing stuff from 'Little Mermaid', Tuck & Patti, that kind of thing.
<spoonboy> Seen the trailer for "Phantom Menace" yet?
<Snakker> I got to the theater early for a special sneak of the trailer a few weeks back!
<Snakker> i had to sit thru Waterboy to see the trailer twice!
<Snakker> I downloaded the trailer, and played it on the radio.
<spoonboy> Funny!  Waterboy's going to be the top grossing film of 1998 just 'cause they run the trailer...
<Snakker> Eeek.  Adam Sandler owes more than he knows to Lucas!
<spoonboy> I didn't see it in the theater, unfortunately - I don't really go to movies that often - did see it on my friend's 'pooter.
<spoonboy> Saw 'Enemy Of The State' last week, though.
<Snakker> you ned to see it in a theater.  i saw in front of Bug's Life, if that helps.
<spoonboy> Cop out ending, I thought.
<spoonboy> 'Enemy,' that is.
<Snakker> Really?  I thought the last 3rd is what made Enemy anything at all.
<spoonboy> The bit where they started playing with Voight's head worked real well - they could have played that up more.
<Snakker> It was very much like hitchcock's North by Northwest & stuff.  That, and "The Conversation", of course.
<spoonboy> Thought wasting everyone at the end wasn't too clever.  The way they set it up was, though.
<spoonboy> Get into "The Prisoner" at all?
<Snakker> I thought:  Act I - slow!  Act II - formulaic.  Act III - clever enough to make it worth it.
<Snakker> Also, the humor wasn't working too well.   It felt obviously re-written for Will Smith.
<Snakker> not really.  I saw "Spanish Prisoner" though!  Rent that!
<Snakker> I've seen 1 episode of The Prisoner
<spoonboy> On purpose, or were you forced?
<Snakker> forced.  I was working on a movie, and my co-worker made me watch it.  Not bad, though
<spoonboy> Hope it was a good one - they vary.  Only 17 of 'em, you know.
<Lostdog[away]> anyone here listened to Mercy River?  (Terry wrote most of it and produced it)
<Snakker> I don't have Mercy River.  I'd like to hear it, though
<spoonboy> We thought you were gone!!!  Actually when they came out I was perpetually broke, and haven't sought it out.
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<spoonboy> We've been saying nasty things about you, BTW.
<Lostdog[away]> Ah.. I'm chatting with Harold now.. (Lead guy in that group)
<Snakker> isn't "Reasonable Service" on it?
<Lostdog[away]> oh I know.. I've been logging all this.. :)
<spoonboy> Did you bring the rest of the crowd with you?  They've been pretty laconic.
<Snakker> Can Harold sell me his CDs?
<spoonboy> And Harold is...?
<Snakker> the Mercy River guy!
<Lostdog[away]> Sorry.. Last time I talked to him, he was trying to buy a copy from me.. :)  He didn't even have a copy of his own album.. :)
<spoonboy> Oh, you already said.  Sorry - My bad!
<Snakker> s'okay.
<spoonboy> So are those guys still around?
<Snakker> I wonder...
<Lostdog[away]> Egnix is just logging it until morning.. I don't know about the Dr...
<Snakker> Are the Lost Dogs still around?
<spoonboy> I mean, playing and all...
<Lostdog[away]> yes.. Terry said there should be another album out eventually
<Snakker> ...eventually.  Always a wait...
<spoonboy> Lost Dogs are still an entity in concept, but in reality - inactive.  They'll get it together one day... maybe...
<spoonboy> So TST's connected to Gnash-ville now - who'da thunkit???
<Snakker> I saw them in St. Louis a few years back.  They were definitly a reality then
<spoonboy> How does he sleep at night?
<Lostdog[away]> scary... :)
<Snakker> Gnash-ville?!?  What is...?
<Lostdog[away]> at least he doesn't live in nashville...
<spoonboy> You know - Music City...  Country schlock...
<Snakker> Oh I see.  you guys are just being clever!  har har!
<spoonboy> I love real country music...  Wish they did down there too.
<Snakker> Johnny Cash
<spoonboy> Patsy Cline's my woman!!!
<spoonboy> Emmylou Harris runs a close second, though.
<Snakker> you don't like Garth brooks 7 all that, do you?
<spoonboy> Nary a sausage of it.
<Snakker> ;)
<Lostdog[away]> hmm.. Harold just logged off.. I was waiting for a response the my question about what kind of music his newest album was...
<spoonboy> I'd see Ricky Skaggs in concert, though.
<Snakker> I'd see Weird Al in concert!
<spoonboy> Hey, who wouldn't?
<spoonboy> Okay, Snak:  "The Tick?"
<Snakker> That's whatI used to think, but apparently there's a pretty strong anti-Al contingent out there...
<spoonboy> Maybe I'm just idealistic - I'm a DA, fan after all.
<Snakker> I was a Tick fan from day 1!  I bought issue #1 of the comic book in 1989, or whenever it came out...
<spoonboy> ...DA fan, comma, after all.
<Snakker> the show was always a fav.  I don't get whyit ended...
<spoonboy> Bust-a-gut funny, huh?
<Lostdog[away]> When asked of Harold the type of music of his new album: acoustic rock, sort of mellencamp meets jars of clay meets collective soul
<spoonboy> Why it ended:  MONEY!!!
<spoonboy> ...meets Hootie meets Counting Crows...
<Snakker> Is his new album Mercy River?
<Snakker> MONEY?  Huh?  It was a hit!  FOX just wanted to juvenile-ize their line-up...
<Lostdog[away]> the name of the group: zuzu's petals
<spoonboy> Have I heard that name before?
<Snakker> Where can we get the disc, and is TST involved?
*** Lostdog[away] is now known as Lostdog
<spoonboy> Glad you came back.
<Lostdog> No TST involvement, and it isn't out yet.. still in the works
<Lostdog> the name is "taken from the movie "it's a wonderful life""
<Snakker> It's everybody meets everybody on one handy CD!
<Lostdog> the album will be called "You Can Say That Twice and Mean It"
<spoonboy> Only saw it once that I recall - and I've still got one word:  PLASTICS!!!
<spoonboy> Great album name.
<Lostdog> you should check it out this year on nbc
<spoonboy> Missed it Thksgvng Day.
<Snakker> I think they're having back in the theater soon...
<spoonboy> "Sam and Max?"
<spoonboy> Just to kill time...
<Snakker> who knows what Mike Roe is up to w/ s new deal?
<spoonboy> Not I.
<Lostdog> Hombrisimo: thanks, tell them to drop me a line some time
<Snakker> Sam & Max = thumbs up!  But not as funny as Tick, or a good Freakazoid episode.
<Lostdog> He can be reached at Hombrisimo@aol.com
<Snakker> who, Mike?
<spoonboy> Anyone hear Steve Scott's past few brain excretions?  Any good?
<Lostdog> Harold from Mercy River
<Snakker> oh
<Snakker> I don't see Sam & Max enough.
<spoonboy> I think Sam & Max has gone away for good. *sniffle*
<spoonboy> Have you played the game?
<Snakker> No kidding?  Another one bites the dust, eh?  (sob!)
<Lostdog> NIght.. I'm setting myself away..
*** Lostdog is now known as Lostdog[away]
<Snakker> Yeah.  I'm thinkin' I better get goin' myself.
<spoonboy> Yup - good night.  See ya next time - good chatting.
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<Snakker> i gotta help my pastor move tomorrow, and I gotta record promos at the radio station tomorow morning.
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