Edited TST Chat 11/30/98

<dctwink2> Wht has Terry been producing lately?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Sounds like a plan..Actually i haven't produced anything in some time..my next co-production is scheduled for Dec.
<Lostdog> Terryorama: It's a group out of Phoenix called "Straw Theory"
<MPrinsen> I'd like to ask Terry, "when DA records, how much do the other players contribute to the music, does the music change much from what TST originally wrote?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Great question and somewhat difficult to answer. The basic melody and structure stays somewhat the same, but when you have someone like Chandler playing bass, the song takes on a whole new ambience
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Each guy is unique and lends his own special "color" to the song
<AServant7> Ask him, When will he work with Kerry Livgren ?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I've only spoken briefly with Kerry on the phone. He's a big fan of my music, and i have great respect for him. He's also a genuinely sweet person.
<actstud> no question - just wanna tell Terry "Thanks" for all his music means to me. Sounds corny, but true. God Bless Camarillo!
<Lostdog> Terryorama: ActStud..thank you so very very much
<argoneon> i want to ask about the future of the lost dogs and if there are any plans for a nother record
<Lostdog> Terryorama: We love making music together, so i would say that there WILL be another record. "When" is another matter. I have no idea.
<Lostdog> Linko: Craig wants to know if you've ever considered updating "Rocket Packs" for the new millenium as in "It's 2000, where's our rocket packs"?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Never thought of it until Craig brought it up. Sounds like a lousy idea :)
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I'm kiddin' ya buddy
<Lostdog> Linko: AServant7 wants to know when you will write/finish your autobiography?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Probably on the day of the rapture. But I am working on it.."when" it will be complete is the million dollar question. I hope in the not to distant future
<Lostdog> Linko: Dane: Where did the name "The Swirling Eddies" come from?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: From a weather report..a swirling eddy is a weather condition. I believe that Chandler suggested it
<Lostdog> Linko: dctwink2: Have you officially been invited to C-Stone '99 and if so, what would the makeup of the band be?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I have not as of yet been asked to perform
<Lostdog> Linko: Jimb: I loved the band sound DA captured on Songs of the Heart (...Hats, etc.) Do you see the group continuing in this direction sonically on the next project?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I never like to paint the band into a corner. I like the 'S of the H' direction as well, but the band thrives on surprising itself and the fans with new directions..so we'll see
<mickeyvee> <Egnix> Tom (Gulotta) has mention a number of times that Terry wants to do a new DA album - what's the latest on that?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Well, we don't have a label as of yet. We'd like to do it on "Stunt" but it would take personal financing, which is a difficulty
<Lostdog> Linko: Daveway: When will the skullmonky soundtrack be released?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: There is talk about it, but no current plans to release it. Like you, I'm waiting to find out.
<Lostdog> Linko: RealMcCoy: How did you like working with Phil Keaggy on Surfonic?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Actually Phil and I only talked on the phone. I sent him ADATS of the stuff and he put his guitar down on one of the tracts and sent it back to me in Calif.
<Lostdog> Linko: DrIndustr: I just saw Mike Roe, and he didn't know what was up with the Dogs either. Since you are with KMG now, have you considered doing a record deal with KMG for the Dogs?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I have. Unfortunately I don't have the power at KMG to "make the deal." So far they have "passed" on the Dogs.
<Lostdog> Linko: JeniMae: No question, My year old son goes to work with me everyday and we have a big tv and vcr in our office. He loves it when I put in the tape from your cornerstone 1998 concert. He gets his toy guitar and plays and dances and sings during the tape. It's his favorite video.
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I'll pray for him
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Just kidding. That's very sweet
Lostdog> inko: MrFlutter: Does Stunt have anymore "bootlegs" that might get released?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Tom G. is the keeper of the vaults, so it would be best to ask him. I believe there are still some things yet to appear.
<Lostdog> Linko: You think he'd be interested in joining us for a chat sometime?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I know he'd love to.
Lostdog> Linko: Jawahutt: What happened to that Swirling Eddies album that was supposed to be out last year?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I'm not sure I know which project you are talking about. We had no plans for an Eddies album last year, unless you're referring to Sacred Cows
Lostdog> Linko: Jawahutt: Are you going to do a followup to Surfonic, maybe with another style instead, like polka? (this would be great for another SE song!)
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Hmmmm..a Christian polka album...now there's a big seller
Lostdog> in reference to the SE album,
<Lostdog> Linko: in reference to the SE album, I believe the Stunt homepage at one time said something about it, but maybe that was just wishful thinking... Any chance for a new SE album?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I certainly hope so.
<Lostdog> Linko: daveway: Will DA ever tour the east coast... You can stay at my house!
<Lostdog> Terryorama: No current plans..but it certainly isn't out of the question. I would love to do it.
<Lostdog> Linko: Actstud: On the cover of Fearful Symmetry, is that a naked guy doing situps, as someone on DADL suggested?? :)  If not, is there a more precise meaning?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: He isn't doing situps, that much is certain. It's a piece of art depicting the 'symmetry' of the human form, beyond that I think it speaks for itself.
Lostdog> Linko: Mr_Nordy: Will KMG re-release DFBB, FS, LS, & OE soon?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Soon ? I can't say. Will they release EVERYTHING on your list ? That's not my call
<Lostdog> Linko: What's the status of Mothman?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: It's been entered in several indie film festivals for consideration. We're still waiting for feedback.
<Lostdog> Linko: <Johne> Is is just me or is the band chock-fulla-virtuosos?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Johne..it's just you
Lostdog> Linko: <daveway> how much money does it take to finance a recording...
<Lostdog> Terryorama: That's a tough question. It depends on the album. Some records have been recorded for next to nothing. Average is $13,000-$25,000 dollars..unless you're Carmen.
<Lostdog> Linko: <MrProfanity> Does he have any thoughts on Scarlet Staircase, Cardboard scheme, Terry Tim & Doug, Copperbrick Window, Judge Rainbow, Jubal's Last Band, etc?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Any thoughts ? Oh yes. and lot's of memorys.
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Who is this ?
Lostdog> Linko: One of the Audiori Brothers...
<Lostdog> Terryorama: How do you know so much about my infamous past ?
<Lostdog> Linko: <Egnix> if it gets back to me - can Terry elaborate on the new DA  record - are songs written, etc?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: There are no IMMEDIATE plans for a DA record, so no the songs have not been written
<Lostdog> In regards to MrProfanity: Terryorama: Wow. that's great !
<Lostdog> Linko: <MrProfanity> ask him if he has copies if the tapes.... I don't think we've ever asked...
<Lostdog> Terryorama: What tapes ?
<Lostdog> Linko: in regards to the previous comment about carlet Staircase, Cardboard scheme, Terry Tim & Doug, Copperbrick Window, Judge Rainbow, Jubal's Last Band, etc I assume..
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I wasn't in Copperbrick Window. there aren't any recordings (to my knowledge) of Scarlet S.And, yes, i do have recordings of the others
<Lostdog> Linko: <mowtoe> I think that you mentioned on the Motorcycle tracks CD an idea of doing a compilation CD of the "wierder" DA numbers. i.e. Traps Ensnares & Autographs.. Will you still do that?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: When we do a box set, I think such a collection would be appropriate.
Lostdog> Linko: <spoonboy> Outside the studio, what's on TST's turntable/CD player these days?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Nat Cole
<Lostdog> Linko: <RealMcCoy> Gary McCoy:Terry: Thanks for answering my e-mail and agreeing to do the chat. Equator and Wonderama are awesome projects you did with Randy Stonehill, any plans to work with him again?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I sure hope to work with Randy again. He's a joy
<Lostdog> Linko: <actstud> Any hope of an Alarma Box from KMG (or anyone else)? I won't ask about "you know which album".
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Again, we are very hopeful that a box set will eventually come out, through KMG or another source
Lostdog> Linko: <MPrinsen> "Question: What album is the "Shark guy" supposed to represent on the Greatest Hits record?"
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Do you mean the song "Mr. Sharky" ?
<Lostdog> Linko: On the personal favorite world hits, there is a picture of a shark-man.. Is that supposed to be Mr. Sharky? And if so, Does this foreshadow the second in the series to be a SE compilation?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Believe it or not, I haven't seen the greatest hits record yet, so I can't answer your question
<Lostdog> Linko: <MPrinsen> "Question: How much does money interfere with Daniel Amos recording a new record?  As opposed to getting the guys together, or having material to record."
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Everyone has families and responsibilitys, so obviously no one can work for free. We are friends, however, and money has nothing to do with our friendship
<Lostdog> Terryorama: We are open to doing gigs.
<Lostdog> Linko: Anything anywhere coming up?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: A couple of things are in the works, but I can't make any announcements at present
<Lostdog> Linko: <MPrinsen> Question: Did you ever recover your stolen Rickenbaker guitar?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Nope
Lostdog> Linko: <MPrinsen> Question: Have you ever gone to school with your kids during "This is what my Dad does for a living" day?  What do your kids think
<Lostdog> about your music?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Haven't had the pleasure, except to play for my wife's pre school kids. My daughter loves all of my music, my son some of it.
<Lostdog> Linko: <DRiNDUSTR> outta curiousity, does he have old DA discs that aren't available elsewhere?  I know Gene Eugene had some 10 Songs discs not too long back...just curoius
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I don't have any such discs
<Lostdog> Linko: <jimb> I know life's duties do sometimes intervene, but do you think that the other members are in a position to continue their work with DA
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I think since the work is not demanding year round, it's much easier for most of the guys to participate on some level
<Lostdog> Linko: <Guest99520> why put twilight love on the greatest hits? don't you have any studio left overs?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: I'm sorry the song doesn't appeal to you. I rather like it myself :)
<Lostdog> Terryorama: It was meant as a bonus track, NOT a greatest hit
Lostdog> Linko: <AServant7> Will we ever see another Lost Dogs album with all four members? (If I missed the answer earlier, forgive me)
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Lost Dogs..I believe you will
<Lostdog> Linko: <DAne> Any notable reactions by the original artists to the Sacred Cows songs?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Dana Key of Degarmo and Key apparently told someone that he knew that D&K shouldn't have recorded "I love the J word"
Lostdog> Linko: <daveway> will a box set ever be a possibility with pictures and all the fixings?
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Dave..yes
Lostdog> Terryorama: Linko..I've got to run
<Lostdog> Linko: Ok.. I'll send the remaining in email
<Lostdog> Linko: Thanks for doing this, we'll have to try again another time!
<Lostdog> Terryorama: God bless you all and thank you for being so kind. I've really enjoyed this
<Lostdog> Linko: So long... God Bless.
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Let's do it again soon
<Lostdog> Linko: Ok.. We'll talk through email I'm sure.. :)
<Lostdog> Terryorama: Bye
<Lostdog> Linko: Bye!
<Lostdog> Linko: and thanks again

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